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Men's Addiction Treatment

Gender-Specific Men’s Addiction Treatment

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe in personalizing all of our men’s addiction treatment services. To this end, we offer men’s drug addiction treatment in a gender-specific environment.

This gender-specific men’s addiction treatment allows for a more focused, challenging, and unique experience than traditional mixed-gender groups.

The importance of providing our clients a gender-specific environment to participate in men’s addiction treatment can’t be overstated. The opportunity for growth and maturity that gender-specific men’s drug addiction treatment offers is unparalleled.

mens addiction treatment
Single gender men’s addiction treatment seeks to identify and engage men on several key levels. These include:

  • Self-Esteem & Self-Worth
  • Conflict Resolution & Anger Management
  • Family Roles, Family Systems & Father Issues
  • Self Image, Body Image & Health
  • Defense Mechanisms/Unhealthy Coping Patterns
  • Healthy Exploration of Emotions
  • Tai Chi & Other Forms of Traditional Meditation
  • And Much More
This is just one more way Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers innovative and cutting edge men’s addiction help.

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The Importance of Gender-Specific Men’s Addiction Treatment

Going through treatment for addiction, mental illness, or trauma is hard. Examining each and every part of ourselves is hard. Searching fearlessly for strength, courage, and recovery is hard.

Fortunately for those in need of men’s addiction help, there are strategies to help ease this burden. First among these is offering gender-specific men’s addiction treatment.

During the clinical day, single-gender groups and counseling allow men to get honest. They don’t have distractions. They’re able to share and receive feedback in a supportive setting. Simply put, gender-specific men’s drug addiction treatment offers men the chance to remove the mask of masculinity and heal.

In a Community Living environment, single-gender living allows men the freedom to concentrate on completing clinical assignments. It allows men the freedom to develop healthy, interdependent friendships and support each other. It allows men the freedom to focus solely on their recovery and building a foundation for long-term sobriety.

Single-gender community living also decreases the risk of entering into a romantic relationship with a female. These are known as “rehab romances” and present a significant barrier to effective men’s addiction treatment.

The Benefits of Single Gender Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment

Single-gender men’s addiction help offers our men the ability to engage issues distinctly their own. These can take the form of anger management, false masculinity, pride, relationship issues, mental illness, and many others.

mens drug addiction treatment

While these struggles aren’t unique to men, the way they manifest in men’s lives is unique. A gender-specific clinical and community living environment offers the following benefits:

  • Allows Group Therapies to Focus on Men’s Issues
  • Affords the Opportunity for Honest Communication
  • Allows Clients to Form Deep & Lasting Bonds
  • Allows Clients to Support & Help Each Other
  • Less Distraction –
    Minimizes the Chance of “Rehab Romances”
Addiction is a progressive and deadly disease, therefore successful men’s addiction treatment must be just as progressive and specialized. Fortunately, Lighthouse Recovery Institute takes this idea to heart.