The Top 10 Excuses For Not Going To Drug or Alcohol Treatment

The Top 10 Excuses For Not Going To Drug or Alcohol Treatment

Excuses for not going to drug or alcohol treatment

Hit: There’s No Good Excuse For Not Going to Drug or Alcohol Treatment

going to drug or alcohol treatment

“I will not go to rehab until I see the movie The Dark Knight” yeah, I said that before my parents shipped me off to rehab number 7. One of the dumbest things I ever said by the way – but it shows how warped our minds get when under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Saving my life, starting to lead a healthy and normal life came second to a Batman movie. I even made a huge deal about how it was important to my recovery that I see the movie because Batman and the Joker are symbols of addiction and recovery, (which by the way I can prove). I’ll write about that at some point in the future.

For now, I want to focus on The Top 10 Excuses For Not Going To Drug or Alcohol Treatment. These are some of the most frequently used excuses as heard by treatment professionals in the industry. In addition, you’re also going to hear all the reasons that all these reasons are simply, in many cases well built and sometimes convincing rationalization to use drugs a little longer, because as we all know there are no good reasons to not go to rehab. “But Game of Thrones comes out next week, I need to see what happens to…” Stop it.

10. I Have To Go To My Sister’s Wedding First

delay treatment for a wedding

They tried to make me go to rehab and I said no, no, no. It’s my sister’s wedding and she’ll be so sad if I can’t go, go, go. Listen there is a 15% chance that if you’re a true drug addict and alcoholic, still in the grips of your addiction that you will be able to go to your sister’s wedding without causing some sort of pain or embarrassment. Yes, I get it, your sister will be sad, your Mom will be pissed you weren’t in the family photos and they will spend all night saying, “Yeah Jimmy couldn’t make it… Yeah, rehab.” That’s not a cool place to be. I understand, but if you were so concerned about not missing the wedding you should have gone to rehab sooner. Plus, I bet that although your sister will be disappointed, she will also feel a sense of peace and comfort from the fact that, with you in substance abuse treatment there is a 0% chance you can ruin the wedding and a 100% chance that she can enjoy the day knowing you are in a safe place and getting the help you need. Get help now and you won’t have to miss the birth of your first nephew or your sister’s second wedding – just kidding, I’m sure it will last.

9. I Can’t Leave My Dog, Who Will Take Care of Him?

recovery and responsibilities

You would be shocked if you knew how many times this was the excuse people used for why they can’t go to rehab. In some rehab centers, this is the number one excuse. “But Mr. McCheese is all I have, there’s no one to take care of him.” “Can’t I bring Sgt. Rumple-Mints with me he’s very friendly and house trained.” Let me guess, he is also the main reason you want to get sober? Listen up, you can’t bring your dog to rehab and he will be just fine while you are gone. Plus, I bet if dogs could talk he would be begging (get it… begging) you to go to drug rehab. How many times has Snicker-Licker gone to the bathroom in the house because you were too drunk to come home? How many times have you thrown your shoe at Muhammad-Howly for barking while you were hungover and how many times has Dr. Gumdrop sat on your lap watching you cry. You can’t even take care of yourself; you shouldn’t be taking care of a dog right now. There are plenty of great places to board your dog like Dog Days in St. Paul, Minnesota, Rambo Team in West Palm Beach and PetSmart in Delray Beach, Florida. Let your dog play in the sun for 30 days while you learn some new tricks of your own.

8. I Can’t Miss School, If I Don’t Graduate I’ll Look Like A Failure

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News flash, drug addicts look like failures. When you steal money from your Mom’s purse for heroin – you look like a failure. Do you know who looks like a responsible member of society? The person who admits they have a problem requests a medical leave from their university and goes to rehab. Yes, almost every college and university in the U.S. offer a medical withdrawal for substance abuse issues. That means you can take a semester off and pick right back up where you were before you left. After I took a medical leave I found my teacher and fellow students actually respected me more. Here is a link to Southern Methodist University’s policy on medical withdrawals – read it. All you have to do to petition for medical withdrawal is present proof of treatment before registration. Some schools even let you retro withdrawal as long as you seek and receive help. How can you possibly understand Newton’s method of fluxions and fluents (no idea what that is) when all you think about all day is how you’re going to find the money for a bag of heroin. It makes no sense to try and graduate from college while high when a short break could help you complete in 4 years instead of 9 like me. You will actually save money on college tuition by leaving for a semester rather than failing and failing time and time again.

7. Sorry I Just Can’t Afford Drug Treatment, Right Now

the cost of drug treatment

The hard truth is most drug addicts and alcoholics can’t afford NOT to go to treatment. Drugs are killing fast right now in America and even a 15-minute delay in going to substance abuse treatment could mean life or death. Plus, if you have health insurance from providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, your treatment for drugs and alcohol could be paid in full. Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage and many others like it have been helping thousands of men and women receive the help they need for a long time. If you don’t have health insurance there are many rehabs that offer flexible payment options and scholarships. The most important thing is that you make the call to get help. Most rehab centers for addiction will do whatever it takes to find a place that can help you recover. Payment should not be a barrier to getting someone the help they need. If one treatment center says no, try a few more, your entire life depends on it. Lets put things in perspective. When you didn’t have money for drugs did you find a way to get high? You bet you did. Rehab will save your life so put half the effort you once spent on trying to get drugs into trying to get sober and you’ll find a rehab to help you live again. And stop making excuses for not going to drug or alcohol treatment!

6. I Don’t Want My Parents Paying for Drug Rehab – They’ve Been Through A Lot

going to treatment

Stop trying to be a hero. This is just an excuse to stay at the bar a little longer and it’s not going to work. Think about how much of your parent’s money you spent on broken cars, broken hearts and breaking windows to steal the cash to buy your next fix. You’re draining their bank account at a rapid rate and until you stop using drugs it’s never going to stop. Think of it this way, this could be the last of your screw-ups your parents will ever have to pay for. So if you really want to be a hero and really want to save your parent’s money, take drug rehab seriously and go right away. It’s been proven that going to rehab saves people millions of dollars in the long-term. So again if you are worried about saving people money get help now. You’ll actually be saving the government money too! In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) proved that it costs far less money to send a person to treatment for substance abuse than it does to send them to prison. They state that the average cost of methadone treatment is just $4,700 a year compared to the cost of sending a person to prison for a year at $24,000.

5. My Job Is Really Important, I Can’t Take Time Off

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Oh, are you in charge of our country’s nuclear defense codes? Are you a heart surgeon? Too bad because even if you were there would still be someone to push the button or use the scalpel while you were away. No job is more important than staying sober. Even if you do stay at your job you’ll most likely get fired soon for using or missing work. Depending on your job you could also get hurt while on the job and under the influence. 9 times out of 10 employers are very sympathetic to employees who are honest with them and explain the situation. Plus, there’s good news. In 1993, the United States Department of Labor passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). This law provides workers with 12 weeks of job-protected leave a year and forces employers to keep health benefits intact during the leave. This way your aforementioned benefits are still good and it is illegal for your company to fire you! That wipes a lot of excuses out of the way huh? “But I have bills to pay!” Save it. If you were a drug addict like me you were not going to pay those bills anyway. Going to substance abuse treatment now will get you back in the right frame of mind to work better faster and stronger, possibly putting a raise in your future.

4. Drug Rehab Is Like Jail – I Am Not Going Back to Jail

Excuses for not going to drug treatment

How many jails have a swimming pool, a beach, volleyball, Frisbee golf, let you get to the grocery store and have cell phones? Ask anyone who has been to jail and they will tell you that rehab is nothing like jail. If you keep doing what you’re doing though jail is in the near future. Plus, as my friends at the Federal Bureau of Prisons point out, there are fantastic Substance abuse treatment centers in Jail. So keep driving drunk and robbing old ladies and you can have the best of both worlds – prison and rehab! This really is a pretty ridiculous excuse, but sadly one we have heard many many times. The truth is that every day in your addiction is like being in jail. Your disease tells you what to do, when to do it and punishes your body if you don’t comply. Watch an episode of Locked up and then watch intervention to see how addiction is your personal prison. Most rehab stays only last 30-90 days and you will come out better than you went it. Far better than serving 25 to life for killing someone while driving to work.

3. I Can’t Leave My Kids, Who width=”1024″ height=”678″ e of Them?

not going to drug treatment

You never thought that when you left your child in the car as you got high at the dope house? Who was watching the kids when you passed out on the couch at noon? Who made their lunches when you were too hungover to get out of bed. You Mom? You Dad? Your kid’s lives are disintegrating before your eyes and you think that they can’t stay with an aunt, uncle, Grandma, Grandpa or friend for a month? They probably need a break from you. They need an attentive parent who can care for them. You need the time to get your priorities straight and get to the place where you can finally be the guardian who actually guards their kids and protects them from danger instead of being the danger. I get it though, sometimes being a parent is something you can’t put on hold. That’s why there are Men’s Intensive Outpatient Programs and Women’s IOP. This way you can go to treatment when the kids are at school and still be home in time for dinner. Many parents have found this form of treatment to be their saving grace and have seen it restore them and their children to sanity.

2. Everyone Will Find Out That I’m A Drug Addict

Excuses for not going to treatment

Nope, no they won’t. If you tell them yeah sure they’ll find out, but it turns out that you and your privacy are protected under federal HIPPA privacy guidelines making it illegal for anyone to disclose your personal medical records. The Substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has all the answers to these privacy questions and should put your mind at ease. Oh, one more thing. Do you really think that no one knows you’re a drug addict? Seriously, you’ve been coming into work late smelling like a beer factory for years. Purses go missing every Christmas and your eyes have been bloodshot since you were 12. When you are in the throws of addiction it’s written all over your face. Plus, in today’s world, a recovering alcoholic is treated with respect and admiration. So, I get it that you want to remain anonymous, but you have nothing to be scared of. In recovery, you will find a new life and a new sense of love from everyone who knows that you admitted your problem, did something about it and overcame it.

1. I Can Do This On My Own

not going to drug or alcohol treatment

If you could have, you would have, and it is no coincidence that the first word in the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous is… We.

Let today mark the end of your excuses for not going to drug or alcohol treatment. Contact Lighthouse Recovery Institute today to start your journey to recovery!

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