3 Thoughts You May Have During a Drug Detox (And How to Overcome Them)

3 Thoughts You May Have During a Drug Detox (And How to Overcome Them)

Drug Detox Process

Many different thoughts may come to your mind when you finally arrive at a drug detox center and start the detoxification process. It’s critical to be as prepared as you can be beforehand. As a result, you can heal as you go through the process.

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Some of the thoughts that you may have during a drug detox are going to come out of frustration and pain. You may be happy when the withdrawal symptoms subside, but you may also feel anxious and overwhelmed. Finally, you may even just want to leave as quickly as possible. Generally, so that you can start using again because that is how insane the disease of addiction can be.

Whatever it is that you are feeling and thinking, just remember to be with yourself and let yourself go through it. Remind yourself that this time you are spending in detox is only temporary. More importantly than anything else, stay! Get the help you need – even when you think you’re “good to go” and don’t need treatment anymore.

1) Dealing With Drug Cravings And Drug Urges

It’s not unusual for addicts to feel strongly about wanting to get sober. However, when they arrive at the treatment center they wish they never came. In fact, this goes hand in hand with addiction. Many addicts say one thing when they are sick and suffering in the midst of their addiction, only to then go and do the exact opposite when they’ve sobered up for a brief period of time and start getting cravings for drugs.

First, when you start your drug detox and withdrawal symptoms are experienced. Again, this detox is temporary. You aren’t going to feel how you feel during a drug detox forever, and as long as you don’t pick up another drug – one day at a time of course – you never have to experience the pain of withdrawals ever again.

2) How Long Is Drug Detox?

While you’re going through drug detox, you may start wondering when you will start to feel better and even praying that you do feel better as soon as possible. Remember, that you didn’t get addicted to drugs and end up where you were in your addiction in one day. Coming off the drugs won’t be as quick either, unfortunately.

Try to remind yourself why you came to get help for your drug addiction in the first place. Mark the days that you have been in detox on a calendar. Talk with the team of medical doctors that are there to support you and treat the withdrawal symptoms that you may have. If you aren’t experiencing any relief, tell them that. Going to a drug detox center to get off substances isn’t going to be pleasant. However, your symptoms can be alleviated as best as possible – but only if you speak up and tell the medical team what you are experiencing.

Drug Detox Thoughts

3) Wanting To Leave Rehab Or Detox Early

It’s extremely common for patients to start thinking about leaving during treatment. The disease of addiction is so cunning, baffling, and powerful that you may really think you are “cured” or will “never” use again. Unfortunately, there is no cure for addiction and treatment does not work this quickly.

Alternatively, you may have gotten off all the drugs and then decided that you don’t want to finish the rest of your treatment because “all you needed was to get off the drugs.” This is incorrect.

Addiction is a threefold disease that impacts you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. This means that even with the physical aspect of addiction taken care of, you still must work on the underlying causes of the condition. This is why residential treatment is so critical after the detoxification phase.

Start placing your trust in the treatment center you choose to go to for drug detox and residential care. Write down how you are feeling, but do your best not to act impulsively. Remember that you are in treatment for a reason, so take advantage of it by working on the true, underlying causes of your addiction. Get honest with your treatment team and most importantly, get honest with yourself. Ready to get help for addiction? Call Lighthouse Recovery Institute now at 866-308-2090.

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