4 Signs of Holiday Drug Addiction

4 Signs of Holiday Drug Addiction

Holiday season is filled with chaos, expenses, and raised expectations. This year is no exception. People are expected to spend money on gifts along with many other things and the stress levels begin to rise. Holiday season is a common time for drug addictions to flare up because of this.

Holiday Drug Addiction

With the pressure and stress of the holiday season, people are more likely to turn to alcohol or drugs to alleviate the stress. Someone who already abuses drugs may turn to them more and those on the verge might finally cross the line. Here are signs to look for holiday drug addiction for yourself or a loved one this season.

1. Secrets

If you are taking extra steps to ensure people do not see you drinking alcohol or taking drugs, which may be a big sign to an addiction. The feeling of being ashamed usually follows when sneaking around with drugs. Also, are you thinking of ways to stay high or drunk while at events or socializing? Having secrets and hidden agendas only adds to the stress of the holidays.

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2. Medications

It is no surprise that medications, like pain pills, can be abused for a high. If you or you know is taking advantage of medications, then it will only get worse during the holidays. Abuse of prescription drugs is when you have crush the pills for snorting and having to up the doses to keep up with the buzz. If you expect to use these pills to help you get through the holidays, then you have another problem on your hands.

3. Stealing

Stealing medicine from people is a huge sign of substance abuse. People are more busy and distracted during the holiday and it is perfect times to steal from the medicine cabinet when they will least expect it. Looking forward to seeing relatives so you can take their medication is a sign of abuse during the holiday season.

4. Relationships

Are there fights breaking out over broken promises and bad decisions? If someone you love is ruining relationships because of their substance abuse, they need help right away. The holidays are when the bonds of family and loved ones have to be the strongest, because we need it the most at this time. If you hear people say “you just aren’t the same anymore,” it is time to make a change.

This holiday season, you should pay attention to your loved ones instead of all the ads and sales being bombarded at you. It is the season of joy, not stress, and paying attention to someones bad habits may save them their life.

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