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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

What is Comprehensive Addiction Treatment?

Addiction is a disease, plain and simple. Like other diseases, it must be monitored to sustain recovery. Lighthouse uses Comprehensive Addiction Treatment as an umbrella to guide our clients into specific levels of care.

comprehensive addiction treatment

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment is the umbrella we, at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, operate under. All of our specific treatment programs incorporate the three components of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. These three components are:

  • A Medical Approach
  • A Psychotherapeutic Approach
  • A Social Services Approach
These approaches are together integrated into a single treatment modality. They’re used simultaneously to support and reinforce each other.
Through these varied approaches, we’re able to offer a truly holistic style of treatment and recovery.

Each of these three Comprehensive Addiction Treatment approaches is further comprised of several individual elements.

Our clinical team utilizes a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to client care. This is the very heart of our treatment – creating an environment where ALL clients are safe, comfortable, honest, open, and motivated to change. Through our bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach, our clients’ most intricate needs are met. They’re then provided comprehensive recovery tools, which enable ALL to again become happy, productive members of society.

Addiction is not a choice!

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The Medical Approach Includes:

  • Individualized Medication Assessment
  • Individualized Medication Programs
  • Medication Assisted Treatment While in Early-Recovery
  • A Strictly Evidence Based Approach to Medication Use
  • Short-Term Protocol of Various Non-Narcotic Medications
  • Use of Medication Enhancement while in Early-Recovery
  • & More
cThe Medical Approach to Addiction

The Psychotherapeutic Approach Includes:

  • Individual Therapy with a Primary Therapist
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Treatment and Groups
  • Trauma Treatment
  • Eating Disorder Treatment Continuing Care
  • Personalized Clinical Responses
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Long-Term Client Engagement Through Step-Down Model
  • Twelve-Step Groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Grief and Loss Counseling
  • & More

The Social Services Approach Includes:

  • Community Living
  • Faulty Family Dynamic Engagement
  • Family Guided Client Support
  • Life Skill Development
  • Education Development on a Secondary, Higher, or Post-Graduate Level
  • Vocational Training
  • Employment Aid & Monitoring
  • Budgeting Aid
  • Chore Assignments
  • & More
Through integrating the three tracts of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment, Lighthouse is able to offer different levels of care that are inclusive without being overwhelming. We’re able to offer treatment that’s thorough without being triggering. We’re able to offer treatment that’s at once holistic, personalized, and effective.

Through our use of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment, all levels of care at Lighthouse Recovery Institute challenge entrenched modes of thinking and acting. The result is an individual who’s best-suited for long-term recovery of body, mind, and spirit.

Community Living at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

As part of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment at Lighthouse, we offer our clients a form of organic, non-institutional community living. Our clients live with roommates, in apartments separate from our clinical offices. All community living residences are staff and supervised around the clock by behavioral health professionals.

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mens partial hospitalization rehab
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womans partial hospitalization program

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Community Living Amenities Include:

  • Monthly Bus Passes
  • Transportation to all Clinical Services
  • Transportation to Shopping, Grocery Stores, etc.
  • Transportation to Twelve-Step Meetings

Services Include:

  • Customized Recovery Plans
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention Services
  • Assistance with Obtaining a Doctor, Dentist, or Other Healthcare Professional
  • Assistance with Smoking Cessation (If Desired)
  • Assistance with Applying for Food Stamps & Other Finical Aid
  • Job Search & Resume Building Assistance
  • Court Letters

For Fun:

  • AA & NA Events Fully Paid For
  • Delray Beach Events Fully Paid For
  • Free Gym Memberships
  • Free Yoga Classes
  • Free Art Therapy Classes
  • Weekly Meditation Services

Community Living Houses:

  • Centrally Located Properties
  • Relaxing Environment
  • Structured Living
  • Free Cable & Wi-Fi
  • HD Flat Screen TV’s in Every Apartment
  • Top of the Line Appliances
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Spacious Patios
  • Fully Furnished & Decorated

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Accountability:

  • House Managers Onsite Day & Night
  • Daily Breathalyzers
  • Urine Analysis Testing
  • Daily Chores
  • Weekly House Meetings
  • Must Attend a Minimum of Five Twelve-Step Meetings per Week
  • Sponsor Required
  • Curfew: Weekdays 11pm | Weekends 1am