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Lighthouse Recovery Addiction Treatment Services

One on one addiction Counseling services

One on One Addiction Counceling

In comprehensive addiction treatment the availability of individual therapy is essential for long term engagement of the patient in the recovery process. Individual counseling sessions are based on the patient’s needs. A therapy session can touch on a variety of clinical topics such as the patients process in addiction treatment, personal obstacles to recovery, interactions with family outside of addiction treatment, cravings, new coping skills and goals.

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group therapy services

Group Therapy

The ability to honestly and authentically open up in a group setting is a necessary component to lifelong addiction recovery. Even after inpatient treatment, recovering addicts and alcoholics will find the vast majority of their support within a group. Not only does group therapy foster the ability to relate to one another, but it helps facilitate the supporting, nurturing, and genuine relationships amongst members of the same sex that will prove so essential down the line. The majority of our inpatient program focuses on group therapy – both the male and female programs of recovery incorporate daily group therapy sessions.

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Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Family counseling plays a vital role in the success of the patient’s long term success from the turmoil of drug or alcohol addiction. It enables the therapist to assess the family system and all of the unique issues the family has experienced. The purpose is to assist the family as well as the patient to understand the disease of addiction and how to stop the vicious cycle. Family counseling aims to encourage understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve the issues within the system.

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dual diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

The vast majority of men and women who suffer from substance dependency also suffer from a co-occurring psychological disorder, such as depression or anxiety. Upon arrival at our inpatient facility, each client will meet with an on-staff psychiatrist, who will closely evaluate him or her for any potential underlying dual diagnosis disorders. Each client will be reevaluated several times over the course of their stay, and will be treated for any professionally diagnosed disorders concurrently. It is absolutely crucial that substance dependency and any co-occurring disorders are treated simultaneously – this will ensure comprehensive, thorough, and long-term healing.

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Relapse Prevention services

Relapse Prevention

We at the Lighthouse Recovery Institute focus heavily on relapse prevention, understanding that inpatient addiction treatment is but the first step on what will become a lifelong journey of recovery. We know that clients will inevitably face many triggers, cravings, and compromising situations once they begin reintegrating – and we understand that it is our job to equip them with the tools necessary to maintaining sobriety for years to come. Our program of relapse prevention concentrates on healthy coping mechanisms and ways to combat cravings, while teaching boundary setting skills and the importance of continued involvement in a 12-step program of recovery.

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Life Skills

Life Skills

Life skills imply skills an individual would learn to assist them in navigating more effectively through life. It is evident that often addicts turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to hide from life. It is a safety net for them and easier than facing the real world and responsibilities. While it is not clear if every patient’s lack of life skills occurred before the onset of their addictive behaviors, it is clear that as the addiction worsened the lack of life skills increased.

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