Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning: Alcohol Kills 6 People Every Day

Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning: Alcohol Kills 6 People Every Day


Alcohol Poisoning Kills

In a new report, The Center for Disease Control released some alarming numbers about alcohol poisoning.

The report, complied from data from the National Vital Statistics System, studied deaths due to alcohol poisoning among people fifteen years old and up. I’ll touch upon the new findings in just a minute.

First, though, is a distressing declaration made by the head of the CDC’s Alcohol Program. Dr. Robert Brewer, the report’s co-author, acknowledges that while the new numbers are high, they’re probably an underestimate of America’s alcohol problem.

Is binge drinking deadlier than illegal drugs?

What are the NEW Facts?

    • Six people die each day due to alcohol poisoning. This breaks down to move than 2,200 people per year.


    • Men are much more likely to die from alcohol poisoning than women. In fact, 76% of the 2,200 annual deaths are men.


    • Alcohol addiction was a contributing factor in 30% of all alcohol poisoning related deaths.


    • Poly-substance abuse was a contributing factor in approximately 3% of cases.


    • Three-quarters of deaths due to alcohol poisoning are among people in the thirty-five to sixty-four year old age bracket.


    • The highest concentration of alcohol poisoning deaths occurred in the Great Plains, the west coast, and New England.


    • The state with the most deaths per million people was Alaska. It clocked in at 46.5 deaths per million residents.


    • The state with the least deaths per million people was Alabama. It clocked in at 5.3 deaths per million residents.


    • Non-Hispanic white males accounted for the most deaths of any race. However, Native Americans and indigenous Alaskan peoples had the highest number of deaths per million people.


  • 38 million American adults, or roughly 10% of the population, report binge drinking four times per month, consuming an average of eight alcoholic drinks per binge.

What’s The Solution?

It’s plain to see that alcohol poisoning is a major danger to Americans. I mean, it kills an average of six people per day. That’s serious business! So, what’s the solution? How can we, as a country, begin to curb alcohol poisoning deaths?

Well, Dr. Brewer had the following to say –

“This study shows that alcohol poisoning deaths are not just a problem among young people. It also emphasizes the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to reducing binge drinking that includes evidence-based community strategies, screening and counseling in health care settings, and high-quality substance abuse treatment for those who need it” (Medical News Today).

According to Dr. Brewer, the answer lies in a multi-tiered approach. We need to implement community strategies, increased resources in health care settings, and high-quality alcohol treatment.

Evidence-based community strategies could take the form of a treatment center reaching out to the local community and educating them on the dangers of alcohol poisoning. It could also be community based counseling.

Screening and counseling in health care settings means not simply treating someone who shows up in the ER for alcohol poisoning. Sit down and offer them some form of solution to alcohol abuse. This could be a treatment center’s number, a twelve-step fellowship’s number, or even a therapist’s number. But do something!

Finally, high-quality alcoholism treatment takes the form of, well, Lighthouse Recovery Institute! Treatment should take an individualized and holistic approach. It should treat each patient as just that, a patient, rather than as a dollar sign. It should offer innovative and unique solutions to substance abuse.

Thankfully, treatment centers like that do exist. Call Lighthouse today at 1-866-308-2090 to learn more about how we’re redefining substance abuse treatment.

Learn what you can do to help someone with alcohol poisoning!

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