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Florida Alcohol Treatment Center

Written By: Molly Groo

Molly is Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Case Manager and Vocational Services. She has a Bachelor’s in International Relations, is a Certified Addiction Counselor, and it’s currently working towards her Master’s in Social Work. Molly’s experience allows her to provide expert knowledge about solution-based methods to help people in recovery maintain long-term sobriety.

Published on Apr 17, 2019 | Get Help For A Loved One, Types of Drug Addictions

Florida Alcohol Rehab

Florida Alcohol Treatment

For families who are struggling, Florida alcohol treatment can be a way out. Generally, one out of four children experiences exposure to alcohol in their homes. Young adults of alcoholic families are four times more likely to develop alcoholism than individuals from non-alcoholic families.

Children exposed to the dysfunction caused by alcoholism are likely to mimic the behaviors they see. Generally, traits such as denial, instability, and co-dependency can form an unsteady foundation for young adults. According to research, there is a direct link between childhood trauma and addiction and mental illness later in life. Thus, children are at higher risk for eating disorders, addiction, low self-esteem, and medical issues resulting from unstable early home environments. Hence, Florida alcohol treatment is an option for parents who want to provide a healthy, loving environment for these young adult children struggling with addiction.

Top Warning Signs On If You Have A Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and Long-Term Impacts

Florida Alcohol Treatment Center

Children who struggle with a lack of healthy parenting might take on the role of the “parent.” This pressure can lead to rebellion in the teenage years. As a result, alcoholism in the home can make secrets, fear, and isolation seem reasonable.

Children may start to believe that adults can’t be trusted and that they are on their own. Parents should be the primary caregivers for children and provide a stable and safe environment for children. Without this security, anxiety, and fear start to breed.

Breaking the Cycle Through Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic; it affects the entire family and the outcomes of their lives. Some damage may be irreversible without professional help. Addiction can be life-or-death, and it is a race against the clock for many. Most children of alcoholics can attend support groups, such as ACOA (Adult Children of Alcoholic) meetings. In these meetings held at alcohol treatment centers, the individual will learn life skills and find support. For adults seeking a new way of life, drug and alcohol rehab can be the first step.

To sum up, if your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, there is a way to receive the necessary help. Going to a drug or alcohol rehab center in Florida will allow the individual the time to work on themselves. Thus, reemerging without the destructive behaviors, and resuming their standing back in their homes and communities. Frequently, heavy drinking goes unnoticed for an extended period due to the easy access of the substance and the normalizing of consuming it. However, the long-term impact of alcoholism on children is profound. The good news is that with proper alcohol treatment in Florida, there is a way to stop this cycle.

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