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Prescription Drug Addiction Facts and Statistics

The number of overdoses from prescription drug abuse has tripled since 1990. The prescription drug addiction pandemic is one that we must fight together. From education of prescription drug addiction facts and statistics to government regulations on medications, this...

The Journey of Eating Disorder Recovery That Many Addicts Face

Eating disorder recovery is lifesaving. In fact, of all mental illnesses, eating disorders have the highest rate of fatality. For addicts and alcoholics who also suffer from an eating disorder, addressing this problem is an integral part of a happy, healthy life.

Heroin Abuse and The Negative Health Effects

Let’s explore the reality of heroin abuse health effects and the treatment options available to fight this disease.

Long-Term Sobriety: How to Stay Sober from Drugs and Alcohol

How to Stay Sober in Recovery Trying to stay sober from drugs and alcohol can be a difficult battle. There will be many emotional issues to overcome if long-term sobriety is to be achieved.  For an addict, one day everything will stop working. To stay sober from...

What Are the Benefits of Relapse Prevention Programs?

The path to addiction recovery is unique to each individual, and many would say it's a rollercoaster. Unfortunately, one thing many in recovery struggle with is relapse. Even as someone completes an addiction treatment program, about 40-60 percent of people relapse;...

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