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Social Consequences of Drinking Alcohol

Social consequences? What do you mean by social consequences? I thought that drinking alcohol was a core requirement for being social! How could there be negative consequences for drinking alcohol? If any of these thoughts even remotely crossed your mind when seeing...

How to Find Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Addiction is a highly complex disease that we continue to learn more about as we go. It's very common for someone struggling with a substance use disorder to suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. For these individuals, traditional addiction treatment...

Dangerous Methadone Side Effects Everyone Should Know About

Methadone treats opiate addiction, but users should be aware of the scary side effects of methadone use. Learn more about MAT treatment and alternatives.

The Importance of Good Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

When you’re in recovery everything matters. Learn about the importance of good nutrition in addiction recovery and how to find long-term sobriety.

How to Tell If Your Child is an Alcoholic

Here is a list of general personality traits associated with individuals struggling with addiction. However, if pondering if your child is an alcoholic, take the time to review this character list as a starting point. How many of these traits does your son or daughter possess?

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What Are Cognitive Distortions & How They Impact Addiction Recovery

What Are Cognitive Distortions & How They Impact Addiction Recovery

Learn how helpful therapy tools such as CBT can help shift negative thinking in recovery. These thoughts can range from low self-esteem to assuming the worst about a meeting with the boss. For addicts and alcoholics, negative thinking patterns can be especially dangerous. These thoughts can increase anxiety and depression, fuel unhealthy behaviors, and even lead to relapse.

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