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Understanding the Employee Assistance Program for Addiction

Companies can turn to the federal Employee Assistance Program for addiction to help with getting their workers back to leading healthy lives. Learn more about EAP programs for addiction.

The Importance of Alumni Recovery Programs After Rehab

Recovering addicts have plenty of options to choose from after completing their rehab programs. One form of support is alumni recovery programs. These programs help maintain relationships between former patients, staff members, and other recovering addicts. While they...

Women Are Drinking More, But Receive Less Help for Alcohol Abuse

The drinking patterns of women are especially concerning. Between 2002 and 2012, rates of women alcohol abuse rose seven times more than similar rates among men. Learn more about trends, prevention tips, and treatment options for women struggling with alcohol abuse.

How to Build Healthy Coping Mechanisms After Rehab

Throughout addiction rehab treatment, patients learn how to build healthy coping mechanisms after rehab to maintain sobriety. However, even after someone completes treatment, they’re bound to face stressful situations, find themselves in triggering situations, or...

Humana Employee Assistance Program for Drug Addiction Treatment

Most people stay away from drug rehab for the same reason -- money. However, most people are unaware that if they have insurance through an employer, most likely, their insurance coverage includes addiction treatment costs. Thanks to the Employee Assistance Program,...

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