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7 Life Hacks on How to Stay Sober

Life after addiction treatment can be very different. It's not uncommon for recovering addicts to get costumed to their daily life as sober individuals. Even hanging out with friends and family members becomes a different experience. However, those who struggle with...

How Addiction Affects the Body’s Nutrition System

Many people enter our addiction treatment center without connecting that their diet plays a massive role in not only their physical health but their mental and emotional health as well. The consequences of addiction on the body can range from minor deficiencies to long-term adverse effects.

Can Non-Opioid Painkillers Help Solve the Addiction Epidemic?

Addicts in recovery and chronic pain patients have looked for non-opioid painkillers as a viable option for years. Doctors who treat these patients are in the same boat. Many doctors have seen patients struggle with dependence on this powerful family of drugs. This quest is especially true for patients recovering from major medical procedures.

Can the Synapse System Change the Fight Against Drug Addiction?

It is prevalent for substance abuse and addiction disorders to co-occur with other psychological disorders. Also, co-occurring diseases must be adequately uncovered, assessed, and treated. Learn more about these new innovative treatments!

Everything to Know about Track Marks

Track marks are signs of intravenous drug use and that someone needs help. Learn the many ways addicts try to hide their track marks.

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