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What You Need To Know About Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone Treatment Can Be Tricky  Suboxone (buprenorphine) treatment is a popular choice for treating opioid addiction by both rehabilitation facilities and independent physicians. It is one of the most common medications used in treating opiate addiction, along...

New Drug Programs Offer Help – Not Jail Time

Drug Programs Prove More Effective Than Jail Many times, when an individual is arrested for felony drug possession they go straight to jail. Here the disease of the addicted person is simply put on hold, waiting to get out so they can use again. This is most likely...

5 Worst Gifts for Recovering Alcoholics for the Holidays

These are by far the worst gifts for recovering alcoholics during the holidays. Here’s how to choose from a more thoughtful idea instead.

Your Guide to Tufts Health Drug Rehab Coverage

Seeking professional help for addiction, alcoholism, or other harmful behavior is frightening. For most people, it’s the hardest thing they’ll ever do. Many times, people avoid getting the help they need for a substance use disorder because they don’t have the right...

What You Need to Know About Purple Drank

Drinking some prescription-strength cough syrup was popular in the late 90s among children and teenagers, but today's trend continues. Purple drank, sizzurp, or lean are all codeine-based cough syrup medicines that can produce euphoria and relaxation when misused....

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Heroes in the Recovery Community

Heroes in the Recovery Community

The awards committee selects the recipients of the heroes in recovery. The honor of one of their biannual Heroes in Recovery Awards in San Diego, California, went to Lighthouse Recovery institute’s CEO and Executive Director, Brittany Ringersen. The 2015 CEO of the Foundations Recovery Network, Rob Waggener and Heidi Huerta, presented the award to Brittany Ringersen, who epitomizes the concepts of the Heroes in Recovery movement.

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The Importance of Case Management for Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Case Management for Addiction Recovery

Case managers are professionals who help people successfully navigate the “day to day” part of recovery. They assist patients with employment and education, life skills, coordinating appointments, and addressing the complex issues of legal problems. For many patients, these services are the key to long-term success. Learn more about these services and the benefits they have for recovery addicts!

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