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The Role of Person-Centered Therapy in Addiction Treatment

You would think all forms of therapy are person-centered or client-centered, if you will. Most people find it surprising to realize that not all treatments focus on the patient at hand. It wasn't until psychologist Carl Rogers moved the traditional therapy style...

Five Things That Can Help an Addict Avoid Relapse

Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in America. According to, 40 to 60 percent of alcoholics will relapse at least once during their recovery. We understand that one of the largest hurdles addicts face before entering our alcohol treatment...

What Is It Like Going to a Delray Beach Rehab Program?

Delray Beach Rehab Programs and Living The Sober Life in South Florida A few years ago we wrote about what it’s like getting sober in Delray Beach. Since 2014, many things have stayed the same, but just as many have changed. The sunny days are still around, with...

Using Drugs as a Treatment for Substance Abuse

Using Drugs to Treat Drug Addiction Treatment for substance abuse is a complex field with many options and theories out there. One that is always a subject of debate is using drugs as a treatment for substance abuse. There are many variations of this - from using...

Everything to Know About Alcohol Withdrawal

What is Alcohol Withdrawal?
The onset of symptoms occurs when someone who regularly consumes heavy amounts of alcohol suddenly stops drinking. These withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and often require an alcohol detox.
Learn more about Alcohol Addiction Treatment.

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Can the ACE Test Predict Addiction?

Can the ACE Test Predict Addiction?

ACE stands for “adverse childhood experiences.” Since this study, mental health professionals have used the ACE questionnaire in daily practice across the country. Countless studies and professionals have found that having a high ACE score can predict addiction, mental illness, and medical issues in the future.

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Is AA the Only Way to Stay Sober?

Is AA the Only Way to Stay Sober?

Is AA the only way to get sober? Although this question may seem simple, it isn’t. It boils down to the age-old debate of “spiritual” recovery vs. “rational” recovery. So, breaking down the benefits and drawbacks of twelve-step recovery, let’s explore AA and step-step programming, and if it is the best way to get sober for you!

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