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Debunking Popular Myths About Cocaine

There are so many popular myths about cocaine that are simply not true. Many of these urban legends date back to the 1980s during the war on cocaine. However, even today, so many people still believe these myths to be true. While it might seem insignificant,...

What Are the Dangers of Herbal Supplements in Addiction Recovery

Many recovering addicts and alcoholics become interested in nutrition and health. It makes sense-after years of harming the body with substances; it’s appealing to focus on eating healthy, working out, and making sure your body well. For many, this involves herbal supplements. However, addicts and alcoholics should be aware of some of the hidden dangers of herbal supplements on the market.

Sun-Sentinel: Gives Spotlight on Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Florida Drug Rehab

After the sun-sentinel feature, our Florida Drug Rehab Center has grown tremendously. Ringersen reports starting the facility back in 2014, to provide unique and boutique services to women struggling with addiction. Over the last few years, the vision has grown. Now, also offering clinical services to men and a host of other programming.

Why are there So Many Treatment Centers in Florida?

The Reason Behind the Many Treatment Centers in Florida Florida and mainly South Florida is known as the drug and alcohol recovery capital of the world. There are more treatment centers in Florida than anywhere else in the U.S. Because of this, the industry down here...

What is a Dry County & Why It Matters for Recovery

While prohibition ended in the early 1930s, some states still have designated dry counties with strict alcohol laws. For those in alcohol addiction recovery, dry counties can offer somehow a safety net against relapse. Yet, nothing is set in stone, and it is nearly...

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