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The Importance of Resolutions in Addiction Recovery

When it comes to resolutions some people are all for them, while others against. In reality, we all make resolutions, whether we realize it or not. The truth is that resolutions in addiction recovery are necessary to help people maintain goals and hope. It’s best to...

The Importance of Holistic Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Several holistic therapy practices are offered as part of treatment for addiction. Holistically-based therapeutic methods have become increasingly popular in Florida drug rehab centers over the past several years, proving to be highly successful as supplements to...

Your Guide to Maintaining Jobs in Recovery

For those in early sobriety, maintaining a job is an exciting opportunity and a challenge. Often, addiction can take someone to a place where they’re no longer employable. Sometimes, they’ve never worked at all. When it comes to jobs in recovery, learning the right...

Wet Brain and Other Alcohol-Related Disorders

Wet Brain Syndrome Those who drink too much may brush off their bad habit more easily than a heroin addict or an individual who regularly abuses crack cocaine. Drinking is just so common – if you haven’t been good and plastered at least once in your life you may be...

A Guide To Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder

Could you be struggling with Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder? Learn how it develops, how is it treated, and how it’s connected with addiction.

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