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The Pitfalls of Roxicodone Addiction

Roxicodone Addiction is a Rising Problem in America Roxicodone is in the opiate family, and roxicodone addiction is a rising problem in America. This narcotic is used to treat moderate to severe pain when used properly, but it is highly addictive and unfortunately...

Methamphetamines Addiction Facts and Statistics

Check out these meth addiction facts and statistics to find out about the fastest growing illegal drug trend in America. Learn how to find meth treatment.

The Role Dual Diagnosis Disorders Play on Addiction

When someone suffers from addiction alongside a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, they face a hard, long road to recovery. Struggling with mental illness alongside substance abuse can increase the risk of overdose, suicide, self-harm, and relapse. Addressing both conditions is a core part of recovery for those who suffer from dual diagnosis disorders.

ACI Specialty Benefits Employee Assistance Program for Drug Addiction

When looking for a drug or alcohol rehab that will take your ACI Specialty Benefits or ACI EAP plan, it is vital to do your research.

What Kind of Services Addiction Centers Offer?

Most people believe that addiction centers only offer therapy and detox. However, the kind of services addiction centers offer has expanded throughout the years. Nowadays, substance abuse treatment incorporates a wide range of comprehensive, holistic, and alternative...

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