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The Award-Winning Scholastic Choices

Scholastic Magazine publishes Choices, an educational magazine distributed into middle schools and high schools all over the country. Choices are the award-winning health and life skills magazine for teens. The Scholastic magazine has sustained popularity due to its...

Do THC Pills Get You High?

The rise in popularity and the legalization of cannabis products has expanded the different ways we consume cannabis. Nowadays, you can find brownies, gummies, hash, resin, concentrates, tinctures, and THC pills at local stores where cannabis products are legal. THC...

Study Drugs and Drug Abuse in College

Study Drugs are Common Experimenting, drinking, and drug abuse in college are well-known pitfalls of the four years that are meant to be spent bettering your education. Kegs, parties, marijuana - these things are normal and often can lead to other things that spiral...

Why is Your Boss Swapping Coffee for Adderall?

For over a decade now, the familiarization of Adderall in the workplace has been astonishing. Today is not rare to hear a coworker recommend the coffee for Adderall swap. Many high-effective workers use it as a resource to be more active and help them perform better....

How Does Alcohol Affect the Body?

Most people know about the physical effects of alcohol, including slurred speech and nausea. However, when we question how does alcohol affects the body, the reality is much more complicated. After all, alcohol affects significant organs of our body, including our...

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