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Case Management / Aftercare

The importance of Aftercare Planning & Case Management


The Transition from Addiction Treatment to Aftercare

It is very easy to think that after addiction treatment the process is over. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The path of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is just beginning. This is why it is becoming best practices for a patient to enter some form of an aftercare program, particular during the first year of recovery.

The importance of Aftercare Planning & Case Management Services in Addiction Treatment

Case Management services provide an array of services that provide support to our patients in a multitude of ways. Our case managers assist and advocate for the patients, servicing as liaisons with various services needed for that individual and other treatment providers. Some of the services that are included in case management are:

  • Helping patients resolve legal issues and working closely with the courts, parole officers, probation, attorneys and public defenders
  • Coordinate with other service providers with the patients including psychiatric providers
  • Obtaining financial assistance with FMLA, food stamps, child custody cases and more
  • Encourage and assist the patients with remaining compliant with clinical addiction treatment recommendations and medication regimens

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The Importance of Aftercare Planning & Case Management Services in Addiction Treatment

Studies confirm that relapse is highest in the addict’s first year after addiction treatment. Aftercare services have never been more important as they are now in today ‘s world of easily accessible drugs. The more individuals and their families understand addiction and the long term process of recovery the more prepared they can be for the unexpected challenges that they may face. A patient’s aftercare plan needs to address all of the obstacles that they are likely to face once they complete addiction treatment. This includes relapse prevention, relation dynamics, financial stability, family interaction and overall health stability. The longer that an individual can be engaged in some form of addiction treatment the better the chance of lifetime success.


Forms of Aftercare services in Addiction Treatment

  • 12 step groups
  • Support Groups
  • Intensive Outpatient Programming
  • Outpatient Programming
  • Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Dual Diagnosis Support