Your Child Asked For Drug Help, You Have 5 Hours To Act.

Your Child Asked For Drug Help, You Have 5 Hours To Act.

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Hour #1: Look for Drug Help Now!

Once a drug addict or alcoholic asks for drug help the clock starts ticking. You need to find a center that specializes in treatment for addiction right away. Your child is very vulnerable right now and they are finally ready to get drug help, you need to act before the window closes. Read my article, A 5 Step Guide For Picking The Right Substance Abuse Treatment Center or Call 1-844-I-Change Right Now. You need to send your son or daughter to a place that is respected highly and will give them the expert drug help they need. Read my article, call the number above or search Google for The Best Treatment for Addiction and get on the phone with a licensed, trained, and dedicated admissions staff member.

Hour #2:
Get Packed For The Trip To The Treatment For Addiction Center

Once the admission date is determined all that is left if to help pack your child’s bags and arrange transportation. Drug help is just moments away, a breakdown of what to bring to treatment, and what not to bring to treatment will be discussed with you with your specialist. Additionally, they will walk you through the transportation process and arrange for pickup at airports. Simply follow the instructions given to you by the admissions staff and place your child’s bag by the door. Do not miss the step. Placing the bag by the door makes the situation real and they will be less likely from backing out of the idea that they need drug help.

Hour #3:
Drive Straight To The Airport, Your Child Is A Sick Drug Addict DO NOT STOP

Your child asked for drug help, you are on your way, do not stop. At this stage of the journey, they may get scared and want to go back to using drugs. Your child could be looking for one last chance to use heroin, alcohol, you name it if they can find it they will. If you stop the car they may run into the gas station and try to drink. Keep the car moving and get to the airport and get the drug help you are both looking for.

Hour #4:
Call The Drug Rehab from The Airport

This is the stage where your son or daughter is likely to feel the most vulnerable. They are about to fly to a strange place, where they will know no one. The admissions staff members have been there before. They once asked for drug help too. They will be able to talk to your precious child and ease their fears. They will be able to assure them that they did the right thing asking for drug help, and that the treatment for addiction they are going to receive is the best and that their life will turn around. This also keeps your child off their phone and focused on getting the drug help they deserve.

Hour #5:
Let Go and Let The Substance Abuse Center Take Over.

This will be the hardest part of the journey towards getting drug help for your child. Trust me, trust the experienced professionals who do this every day. You have done a great job today and this is not your fault. The drug help your child needs cannot come from you. If It could they would have gotten it, because we all know you would do anything for your child. You are going to have to change too and one of those things you’ll have to change is your boundaries. That is the best way you can be a part of the drug help your child needs. Everything is going to be ok, go home crawl into bed and get ready for the best night’s sleep of your life, because tonight you know where your child is. They are getting the drug help they need and are safe and sound.

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