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Community Integration

Community Integration Benefits to the Recovery Process

Isolation in Addiction

Being alone is the worst situation for those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Without outside help, the individuals remain insolated in their environment which makes it difficult for them to remain clean and sober. By working along with various providers in a local community the patient will feel more comfortable in the environment they are residing in. The following are some of the aspects we incorporate into the recovery process for individuals in our long term program. Addiction has a way of making an individual feel helpless. Effective addiction treatment focuses on teaching addicts to re-engage with the world in a meaningful way as a means of staying sober.

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Supportive Housing

Life after addiction treatment still comes with obstacles that the patient and their family will need to overcome. With a comprehensive addiction treatment aftercare plan that incorporates the various areas of the patient’s lives the path to recovery is much more obtainable. At one time in the past, housing options were very limited for people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. These individuals had to reside with family members or in an institution. Today there are various forms of supported housing options available to individuals who suffer from substance use disorder. The recommendation for the best possible outcomes is long term engagement in a sober living or aftercare program.

Access to employment

Having a patient properly armed with the tools necessary to find and gain access to gainful employment is a monumental step in the recovery process for those who have been suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Often the addict may feel that gaps in employment history, lack of skills or educational background prohibit them from finding a job. While working with our case management team each patient will have an opportunity to form a resume and learn vital skills such as interviewing skill and proper way to answer the tough “interview” questions they are so fearful of. We have seen in the impact that employment has on self-esteem of the patients and understand the importance of integrating this aspect into their addiction treatment plan. Along with financial stability and empowerment the addict now gains the knowledge that they are capable of normal adult responsibilities that they have been avoiding for months or often years.

Support Groups

Twelve Step Programming is now available in many towns around the country. They provide structure and support on a long term basis for those suffering from various forms of addiction. We provide daily transportation to various 12 step meetings to help engage the patient into the recovery community and build a support network while they are still addiction treatment. Research shows that daily interaction with support groups increases the chance of staying sober dramatically for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction.
When it comes to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction there is no single cure for staying in recovery. All an addict and the family can do is to continue to work on the troublesome areas of life that continue to cause a retreat back into the grips of addiction. Addiction Treatment at Lighthouse Recovery institute is the most effective way to stop substance use disorder.