Do Quick Fixes For Alcohol Addiction Work?

Do Quick Fixes For Alcohol Addiction Work?


Addiction and Quick Fixes

Alcohol has become a common addiction because of how accessible it is. In the United States, 1 in every 12 adults suffers with alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that can harm the person and their loved ones. You may have heard of some ‘quick fixes’ to help with alcohol addiction. But do they really work? We will take a look at the popular quick fixes among alcohol addiction and if they are very effective or a hoax.

Alcohol Vaccines

This is one of the many products on the market that block the effects of alcohol. It is a pellet that gets injected into the body. Many people are using it to not completely cut off alcohol but reduce their drinking. The only problem with the vaccines is that they do not cure the disease, only the symptoms. This is simply just a quick fix and not a solution to alcohol addiction.


Hypnosis, or mind control, has been used to treat addictions. Many people use hypnosis to stop smoking or cut down on drinking. This can work for only some people though. Like the vaccines, it also only treats the symptoms in a spiritual and psychological nature. Hypnotherapy should only be performed by a licensed counselor, psychiatrist, or mental health professional to treat the underlying condition.

Home Detox Kits

There are online websites that sell detox kits that one can use at their home. Some of these come with diet plans and are meant for people who are not physically dependent on alcohol. These home detox kits are usually not recommended because of their effectiveness is nonexistent.

Yoga or Meditation

These two therapies deal with spirituality and the mind which focus on the present. Many people use yoga to relieve stress, but to relieve an alcohol addiction can become another story. They mostly do not work as a main alcohol addiction treatment but rather with another alcohol addiction treatment to help focus the mind.

If you or your loved one needs help with alcohol addiction, a treatment center is the best way to a solution instead of ‘quick fixes’. Call for help 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE

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