Does Drinking Moderately Work?

Does Drinking Moderately Work?

When someone drinks large amounts frequently, it is hard for them to realize the dangers that could be at risk. If you have a loved one with a potential drinking problem, you’ll probably want them to stop right away, but it can be harder than that. Arguing, pleading, or persuading will not always work. So, how can you tell if your loved one is abusing alcohol and how to respond in a helpful manner?

How to Decide on Drinking Moderately

drinking moderately lighthouseTo treat alcohol in a way that will not be harmful, there is only moderation or absence. Many times people will hide their drinking because they do not what the complaints or judgment from the family or friends. Many times people can realize they are over drinking and hiding it, while others cannot. Moderation Management is one way to help control a persons drinking. According to, there are tactics to follow when using moderation management.

  • alternating with non-alcoholic beverages,
  • keeping a track record,
  • holding off starting to drink ’til a later hour,
  • holding out through an urge.

It is possible for people to control their drinking habits, but it is not possible for everyone. A person with a mild drinking problem is more likely to succeed with drinking moderately. The best way to decide if moderation drinking will work for a person is to ask a professional. They will be able to tell a person if it will or will not help someone by analyzing them.

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When Drinking Moderately Does Not Workdrinking moderately

When moderate drinking does not work, loved ones should take action. This means that the alcohol problem is stronger than the person realized and more experienced outside help is needed. If the person does not realize their problem, counseling will help take the steps needed towards getting help.

If you or a loved one has a drinking problem and failed the task of drinking moderately, Lighthouse Recovery Institute can help. 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE.



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