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Emotional Transformation Therapy ( ETT ™)

Emotional Transformation Therapy

Emotional Transformation Therapy or ETT

On The Cutting Edge

A new form of therapy known as ETT ™ has been integrated into programming at Lighthouse due to its ability to quickly improve emotional distress and even some forms of physical pain which have been caused by stress. Per the Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association, the term “transformation” refers to the unusual degree of improvement that occurs when ETT ™ facilitates changes through the therapeutic use of light and/or color wavelengths.”

The Benefits of ETT ™

The wide range of benefits of ETT ™ has been identified with the following disorders often present in patients in drug and alcohol rehab: anxiety, ADHD, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, heroin cravings, alcoholism, and sexual addictions. Additionally, ETT ™ has been linked to improve physical conditions often linked to being psychomatic such as migraine headaches, shoulder and neck pain, TMJ and more. This relatively new form of therapy, developed around 1991, is a noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical approach that combines psychotherapy with the use of visual brain stimulation and colored light therapy for fast and effective results.

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Working Through The Past

Many of the patients who embark upon therapy are often distressed by the painful emotions brought up by the memories of their past experiences. ETT ™ was developed to reprogram the brain in regards to specific triggers of the memory while doing trauma resolution therapy. Findings in light therapy show wavelengths of light to be able to help transform a person’s emotional state when administered properly.

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