Why Extended Sober Living is Crucial

Why Extended Sober Living is Crucial

Extended Sober Living is Crucial to Recovery

Most of us that come to Southern Florida in search of a better way of life plan on obtaining that way of life in about 30 days and then jetting back home. Rehab is made out to be a sort of vacation – we get to lounge on the beach and go to therapy and take a few classes and learn how to not get drunk every day, and then boom! We head back to wherever it was we came from with a little self-knowledge, some spirituality, and a killer tan. We return to our old jobs, start spending time with our old friends – only difference is, we don’t black out nightly and shoot hard drugs into our veins. Things are going to be great. A 30-day vacation and then back to reality. As it turns out, reality begins with inpatient drug rehab. We sober up initially, not knowing that the process of early recovery is one of prolonged diligence. In fact, addiction specialists nationwide suggest that for the entire first year of recovery, newly sober addicts and alcoholics do little other than focus on themselves and their own self-betterment. And because of this, it is crucial that sober living housing is attended for an extended period of time – typically between 6 and 9 months.

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Why Sober Living Housing?

Inpatient drug rehab will typically last for between one and 3 months, with 90 days being the industry standard. It has been repeatedly proven that the damage done to the brain with years of unrelenting chemical abuse cannot physically be undone in a matter of months. The brain has essentially been trained to prioritize booze and drugs over near everything else (in some cases, over absolutely everything else). All sense of self has been slowly stripped from the core, and we are left with a purposeless and hollow casing of our former selves. Deep down, though, we still do exist in ourselves. We still do exist in ourselves somewhere. Our journey begins with inpatient treatment, and we undergo an extensive therapeutic process, uncovering all underlying causes and contributing factors and bringing them to light and addressing them for what is probably the first time. We get very raw and really vulnerable and take a look at why we’re sick, and what we need to do in order to get better. We learn what we need to do in the real world to stay sober and to be happy, and to become human again. But we have no experience.

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Find the Right Sober Living House for You

And so we transition, as naturally makes sense. We move from a state of safe and protected vulnerability to one of less accountability and more personal freedom. But we still have rules. We still have rules that we need to follow – of course we do. We aren’t used to following rules, so this is something we learn to do. Sober living housing helps us transition into drug-free adulthood. We learn to make our beds in the morning, to keep a job and pay rent and bills. Finding the right sober living house for you could be as easy as listening to the recommendation of the clinical team at your inpatient treatment facility. Look for a gender-specific halfway house, one that is licensed, accredited, and has a good reputation. For a detailed list of available options, please feel free to contact us today. We are more than happy to help get you started on your personal journey of long-term and fulfilled addiction recovery.


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