How Family Therapy for Addiction Can Help

How Family Therapy for Addiction Can Help

The decision to seek help through counseling or psychotherapy is often made not only by the addict but by the support group the addict has around them. Addiction can cause a tornado of destruction to any family dynamic. Choosing to go through family therapy will help a family focus on their relationships and start to understand and validate the experiences of each family member impacted by the behaviors of the addict.

A family therapeutic approach takes the stance that problems don’t exist within people but rather between them. Addiction can lead to deep rifts between parents and children and it’s important that those problems are explored and solved. Whether a person is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction themselves or is subject to it via a family member, it can be difficult to see how their negative behaviors impact other members of the family. Family therapy explores all behaviors to help the whole family support one another in reducing destructive behaviors and enhancing their positive behaviors.

Addiction is not the only subject discussed throughout family therapy. It’s important that other challenges within the family are explored as discussing them may just unlock a reason for substance abuse or a reason for deep-rooted divides between family members.

Relational reframing is a major part of family therapy, especially when a teenager is the one suffering from addiction. For example, a lot of resentment can be caused because a parent is expressing their worry through yelling at the addict for their behaviors. A family therapist is able to explain that this anger is truly just a symbol of how terrified a parent is that their child is in danger.

Our family therapy sessions provide families with skills they can leverage in the real world to better handle any challenge that comes their way. Assertive communication skills, expressing feelings more effectively, and how to set boundaries will all be explored in great detail.

Ultimately, every member of a family needs to be responsible for their actions. When a whole family is united to fight the battle of addiction through love and open communication, it’s a truly powerful thing. We look to unlock a family’s potential to help in a non-judgmental, effective manner.

If you or someone you care about has formed a crippling alcohol or drug addiction, it’s not too late. Call (866) 308-2090 to learn how our family therapy treatment facility can assist in the rehabilitation process.

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