Finding Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coverage Options with Harvard Pilgrim PPO Health Insurance

Finding Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coverage Options with Harvard Pilgrim PPO Health Insurance

Harvard Pilgrim Drug Alcohol Rehab Coverage

Are you struggling with opiate addiction, alcohol addiction or prescription pill addiction and have been unable to stop? Have you tried to moderate before, but have been unsuccessful with staying off the substance completely? There is good news on the horizon for many who have been struggling. Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance Company, due to the Mental Health Parity Act, will cover substance use disorder treatment for its members.

Regardless of what the addiction is and where in the U.S. you live, Harvard Pilgrim health insurance can assist with providing some form of coverage of treating this life-threatening disease. Addiction has become a threat to society — affecting everyone from our children, parents, grandparents, friends, and co-workers. With the sheer volume of Americans looking for the best inpatient or outpatient rehab options, it helps to have an authority on the subject guide you toward the clinic that’s right for you.

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Using Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Rehab Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Entering drug or alcohol rehab for addiction treatment allows you to recover by consistently reshaping your perspective and addressing the underlying issues that have led to the addiction to begin with. However, consistency and patience are vital to the process. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a regionally-based provider that is well-known in the northeastern United States. The insurance company serves, on average, around 1.4 million members in the New England area alone where there are many struggling and not a lot of resources to treat those in need.

Many of the Harvard Pilgrim plans, which are all under the umbrella of the major health insurance company known as United Health Insurance, are PPO plans. The term PPO means that these plans include in-network and out-of-network coverage. This means that you have the flexibility of finding the right inpatient or outpatient drug or alcohol treatment center that will best meet your needs and are not limited to only the options on your plan! You can call 866-308-2090 to speak to a qualified addiction specialist for a free consultation to see what type of program will best meet your needs or that of your loved one.

Will Harvard Pilgrim Insurance Pay for Inpatient Drug Rehab?

If you have been battling with drug addiction, alcohol addiction or heroin addiction and have finally made the decision to seek inpatient drug rehab, this can all prove to be a very overwhelming process. Many individuals are unsure of how to navigate the process of locating the right program for themselves and how to ensure that their health insurance plan will cover the program that they need. This is very important information to know upfront and what, if any, out-of-pocket expenses you will be liable for before you decide which drug rehab facility to attend for treatment.

You should also be aware that any program that offers free incentives such as waiving deductible costs, all co-insurance costs, free flights or transportation to their programs are highly illegal. These types of “incentives” are not only a high-risk and raise a red flag for the facility, but also for the member who is putting themselves in jeopardy to be financially-liable for the entire treatment episode if discovered by Harvard Pilgrim. Depending on what you want out of alcohol treatment centers or a drug rehabilitation center, the plans from Harvard Pilgrim offer a co-payments scheme that is affordable.

Will Harvard Pilgrim Insurance Cover Detox?

Many individuals tend to avoid seeking major medical attention to avoid the cost of medical bills associated with detox. This is a common misconception that a lot of individuals have. Harvard Pilgrim often assists their members in providing coverage for a variety of levels of care — including when they are ready to take the first step in their treatment episode for drug or alcohol detox to manage their withdrawal systems safely.

How Long does Harvard Pilgrim Insurance Pay for Drug Rehab?

The length of stay for every individual varies on their personal needs and is based on their insurance plan. A typical health insurance coverage plan will approve anywhere from 30 to 90 days of addiction treatment including the detox, inpatient drug or alcohol rehab through the outpatient drug or alcohol rehab portion of the treatment episode. This is all based on medical necessity required on behalf of the facility to justify each level of care warranted for that individual. This is based on several different factors with Harvard Pilgrim.

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To learn more about what programming is offered and what types of benefits your Harvard Pilgrim insurance plan will cover, call today to speak to a dedicated staff member at Lighthouse Recovery Institute. No matter where you reside, the next step is simply to reach out and call 866-308-2090 and begin your journey to a better life.

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