Florida Drug Treatment Center Designed To Untangle Web Of Addiction

Florida Drug Treatment Center Designed To Untangle Web Of Addiction

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Florida Drug Rehab Program

Florida Drug Treatment Center

Our Florida Drug Treatment Center focuses on helping patients reduce cravings and triggers. Addiction to drugs or alcohol does not happen overnight. In fact, it takes time and years of abuse to develop dependence.

That dependence can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms if the addict decides to quit “cold turkey.” Since addiction forms over time, the process of recovery takes time. It’s best to start this journey with professional help.

For those seeking outpatient drug rehab in Florida, Lighthouse Recovery Institute has developed a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Our Florida Drug Treatment Center provides programs that address a range of concerns. Generally, these concerns may include trauma, nutrition, mindfulness, and relapse prevention. The purpose of a diverse approach is to help every person find recovery.

How To Treat Drug Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), addiction is seen as a treatable disorder when the addicted person has access to quality care. Above all, addiction treatment must include addressing all of the factors that contribute to drug and alcohol use. Obviously, our goal is to provide patient-specific and individualized care. 

Per NIDA, “Treatment of chronic diseases involves changing deeply rooted behaviors, and relapse doesn’t mean treatment has failed.” Instead, relapse is an opportunity to try Florida addiction treatment programs again.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, a full spectrum of programs are available. Our core treatment includes the fundamentals below.

What Our Florida Drug Treatment Program Offers

Florida Drug Treatment Center

Diet and Nutrition: Those suffering from addiction have a complex condition. Drugs and alcohol harm the body, which leads to poor health. Addicts and alcoholics often choose substances over nutrition, which only makes matters worse.

During outpatient drug rehab, you’ll learn how to create a nutrition-oriented lifestyle. We also understand that some people suffer from eating disorders alongside addiction. In these cases, we create specific treatment plans to address both concerns.

Trauma and Addiction: Untangling the web of addiction means addressing the root of trauma. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, the staff works hard to get to the root causes of addiction. Particularly helping patients process trauma. These evidence-based programs give the patient the chance to confront their problems from the past and heal the wounds that may have lead to substance abuse. 

Mindfulness: Through mindfulness, patients can make progress in their treatment with minimal stress. Studies have shown that stress-reducing mindfulness programs can increase participation in outpatient drug rehab programs. We are proud to offer mindfulness skills to patients to make treatment a healing process rather than a stressful one. DBT Therapy is a great example of using mindfulness.

Addiction impacts the mind, body, and spirit. As a result, we offer a treatment program that addresses all aspects of recovery. We work hard with our patients to create individual treatment plans. If you are looking for high-quality personalized care, please reach out today.

Call 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE  to speak to one of our experienced and compassionate outreach and admission coordinators today.

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