Drug Rehabs Accept UMR Insurance

Drug Rehabs Accept UMR Insurance

UMR Drug Rehab Coverage

Will UMR Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab or Medical Detox Treatments?

UMR Drug Rehab Coverage

Drug Rehabs Accept UMR Insurance can be found by contacting your provider or contacting our addiction treatment program directly. We can quickly verify your UMR benefits. Next, we explain what treatment services will be covered by your UMR insurance at our drug rehab. If you are looking for Drug Rehabs that accept UMR Insurance, then look no further. Additionally,  it is important to ensure that the facility is the best fit for you.

Finding the best drug rehab center that accepts UMR insurance is financially important.  Also, equally important is making sure that the drug rehab itself will provide you with the maximum benefits for recovery. Lighthouse Recovery Institute has a multitude of options for you to choose from. Addiction treatment is based on the individual and their specific needs. As a result, the individual has the best chance to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. 

Benefits of Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

If you have UMR as your health insurance provider then you will have an opportunity to attend drug and alcohol treatment. Our drug rehab will accept UMR insurance and provide you with various levels of addiction care. 

If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms then medical detox is the first step. Many UMR rehab insurance partners prefer detox to manage withdrawal symptoms. Next, inpatient rehab or partial hospitalization is the next level of care. Patients receive 24-hour care and daily interactions with clinical staff to maximize their time while in rehab. Finally, outpatient treatment is the lower level of care covered by UMR insurance. Treatment services are rendered less frequently and occur after a patient has detoxed and can stay away from triggers and cravings. 

How To Pay For Rehab With UMR Insurance

Here, our clinical staff boasts over 30 years of experience in substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and trauma treatment. Generally, if you or the one you love would benefit from detox or addiction treatment give us a call. We have proven to be leaders in the field of evidence-based addiction treatment. Admitting into a drug rehab there are specific questions to consider in regards to your UMR insurance.

UMR Addiction Treatment Considerations

  • How Long Will UMR Cover Detox?
  • How Long Will UMR Cover Drug or Alcohol Rehab?
  • What Types of Facilities are Covered by UMR? ( Dual Diagnosis, Luxury, Out of State?)
  • What Are The Out-Of-Pocket Fees?

Addiction Treatment Length UMR Covers

UMR Insurance Drug Rehab

First, when it comes to our drug rehab, we inform you of what exactly the benefits of your UMR insurance will cover. UMR is not an insurance agency. UMR partners with thousands of service providers to create a comprehensive network. The network provides addiction and mental health coverage plans for their members. Due to the parity act, UMR does provide addiction treatment services to its members. Exclusions in certain policies may prohibit specific treatment episodes. Luxury addiction treatment, for example, may not be fully covered.

Our trained staff will verify your UMR benefits and provide you with detailed information. Contact your provider prior to committing to a program. UMR Insurance recognizes the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008. The act expanded mental health services insurance providers are required to offer customers. UMR appreciates the continuation of individual treatment. UMR Insurance conducts regular reviews of patients’ conditions while in treatment to determine the proper level of care and length of stay.

Drug Rehabs: IOP That Accepts UMR Insurance

UMR Insurance covers IOP or Intensive Outpatient Treatment because it is essential to ensuring long term recovery from addiction.  Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides group therapy, individual counseling, and unique programs for individuals recovering from substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. Our clinical groups take place in a comfortable setting, which allows for open and honest growth.

Drug Rehabs: Outpatient That Accepts UMR Insurance

Finally, Our drug and alcohol treatment outpatient program consist of one group and one primary therapist session per week. Every patient’s treatment is based on what will help them succeed. We take UMR Insurance at our Florida drug rehab and offer outpatient groups with times that vary. So, If you work during the day or evening hours we always have group times available for you. Thus, if interested in inpatient or outpatient facilities and want to learn more about them give us a call.

Lastly, if you or someone you love is looking for drug rehabs that accept UMR Insurance then call today. We will work diligently to find a drug rehab that takes your UMR Insurance.

Call 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE  to speak to one of our experienced and compassionate outreach and admission coordinators today.

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