Help! What Drug Rehab Center Will Take UMR Insurance?

Help! What Drug Rehab Center Will Take UMR Insurance?

Lighthouse Recovery Institute: We Take UMR Insurance

If you are looking for a drug rehab that will take your UMR insurance you have come to the right place. Lighthouse Recovery Institute has a long standing relationship with UMR and it is one that is based on trust and mutual respect. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute we are always looking to partner with health insurance companies that do right by their clients and have the best interests of the clients at heart regardless of how high the potential claim may be. That’s why we are proud to take UMR insurance.

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UMR Covers Many Types of Drug Rehab Treatments

If you have UMR as your health insurance provider you are in luck because our drug rehab will take UMR insurance and provide you with various levels of care.

UMR is Great for Gender-Specific Treatment

Our clinical staff boasts over 30 years experience in substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma treatment. During that time we have seen that individuals suffering from these deadly diseases usually recover better when surrounded men and women of the same gender. If it sounds like you or the one you love would benefit from Gender Specific Treatment give us a call because we are the leaders in this field and we proudly take UMR Insurance.

You Health Insurance Will Cover PHP Programs

When it comes to PHP the first thing we as a trusted drug rehab need to do is inform you of what the heck that means. a more structured and inclusive form of addiction treatment. PHP consists of at least twenty-five hours per week of addiction counseling. Depending on each patient’s specific needs, this counseling may be more intensive. UMR covers this important level of care and that is just one of the many reasons we take UMR insurance.

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IOP Programs Are Cover Under You UMR Plan

UMR Insurance covers IOP or Intensive Out Patient because it is essential to ensuring long term recovery. We take UMR insurance because their organization and ours share in the belief that If you don’t need the structure of a residential setting, but require a level of intensity beyond traditional outpatient services it should be covered by your drug rehab. Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides accurate psychiatric assessment, group therapy, individual counseling, and unique programs for individuals recovering from substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. Our clinical groups take place in a gender-specific setting, which allows for open and honest growth.

Op Programs Essential To Recovery and Health Insurance Plans

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Our drug and alcohol treatment outpatient program consists of one group and one primary therapist private session per week. Each patient’s treatment plan and length of stay are individualized to their unique struggles. UMR strongly supports our attention to these individualized struggles and feels that the OP level of care is essential to permanent recovery. We take UMR Insurance at our
Florida drug rehab and offer outpatient groups with times that vary. So, If you work during the day or evening hours we always have group times available for you.

If you or someone you love has UMR Insurance and are looking for a drug rehab that will take UMR insurance, you have come to the right place. If we are not the right facility for, you click this link to find another drug rehab that will take UMR insurance. Or. if you like. we will work diligently to find a drug rehab that will take UMR Insurance and have you or the person you are concerned about back on you feet in no time.

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