How To Know if Your Addiction Treatment Professionals Love Their Jobs

How To Know if Your Addiction Treatment Professionals Love Their Jobs

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Addiction Treatment Professionals Who Love Their Jobs Are Essential

Being an addiction treatment professional is one of the most important jobs in the world. You get to see lives change before your eyes. Across the country, thousands of men and women launch into the world of addiction therapy ready to make a difference. There are many pros and cons associated with the jobs of addiction treatment professionals. It is a humble and noble calling and one that takes a ton of hard work and determination. At many times, the job is very difficult to leave at the office, requires long hours and many times the success stories are fewer than the tragedies. It takes a strong person to work in the field of addiction, but it takes someone who truly loves their job as an addiction pro to make a drug rehab one of the best in the country.

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No one learns from a teacher who doesn’t love their job. You should be scared of a dentist who hates being a dentist and a pilot who doesn’t love to fly is a disaster waiting to happen. In a recent @Gallup Poll it was found that 61% of people who love their jobs would keep working if they won 10 million dollars in the lottery. Those are the people you want as substance abuse staff members. They are going to do a great job no matter what because they are not in it for the money they are in it for all the right reasons. When the staff of a drug rehab loves what they do they work harder and make a larger impact on the lives and recovery of the clients they serve. Making sure the staff of the rehab you or a loved on will attend is more important that you realize. In order to ensure that the therapist or tech at your treatment center loves their job and is in the best frame of mind to truly exact change, ask these 5 questions.

#5 As an Addiction Treatment Professional Do You Feel Recognized?

Many drug and alcohol rehabs have a staff full of recovering addicts and alcoholics. People in recovery from drug addiction like to feel good and nothing makes a sober man or woman feel better than knowing that they are appreciated and recognized for all their hard work. This can be anything from an award to a simple thank you.

A study by Bersin and Associates discovered that organizations that meaningfully recognize employees’ accomplishments score 14% better on employee engagement, productivity, and customer service. The stat that really stands out is that companies who make an effort to recognize employees also have 31% lower turnover rates.

#4 As A Treatment Staff Member Are You Proud of Where Your Work?

When some asks you where you work do you answer with your chest puffed out, your chin held high and a smile on your face? If not you should find a new job. Happy employees are the happiest when they are proud of where they work. Working in the substance abuse field can be a thankless job. Men and women come into treatment beaten and battered. For years they have been chasing their drug of choice and have gone through hell to get it. Many times they take their anger out on the addiction treatment professionals tasked with helping them get sober.

With this level of difficulty and when things get tough, it’s important that treatment professionals have the organization’s vision to draw strength from. Having faith in the drug rehab they work for, pride in the work they do and hope for the positive results they will help breed can help an employee of a drug rehab remain happy and content even in the most trying times.

#3 Do You Feel You Make a Real Impact at Your Drug Rehab

A study conducted by Rutgers University found that an amazing 72% of college students feel that having a job that makes an impact on causes or issues is very important. 51% of those studied said it was more important to make a difference for others than achieve personal success. The desire to help others is the essential and founding component of Alcoholics Anonymous and the reason most substance abuse professionals seek employment in the field.

The desire to make an impact and feeling one has made an impact, are going to be the two fundamental components that will factor into the love of a career in treatment since the two are so entrenched in the recovery mentality. It is almost impossible for a treatment pro to love their job if they do not feel they are making an impact.

#2 Do You Know What Your Drug Rehab Expects of You?

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Addiction treatment professionals feel more confident and comfortable in their jobs when they know exactly what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are. Uncertainty can cause unneeded stress, worry, poor work quality and decreases happiness greatly. A clearly defined set of objectives increases productivity and effectiveness while producing a happy and successful treatment staff.

#1 Do You Enjoy Your Coworkers?

If the answer is no, checkout and find another drug rehab. Recovery is a we program and if an addiction treatment professional doesn’t love their coworkers there is no way they love their job.

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