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Coronavirus Protocol for Rehab Centers

With the increasing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic and the coronavirus spread in the United States, unique and unprecedented precautions are taking place across the country to keep us safe.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our drug rehab center is committed to protecting our patients and staff. This is why we continue to follow all the suggested guidelines by local, state, and federal health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

COVID-19 Protocols at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Our first priority at our Florida rehab treatment center is the health and safety of our patients and staff members while they all continue to works towards recovery. We specialize in various addiction treatment programs. We’re taking the threat of the coronavirus seriously, as it could dampen the health and wellness of those seeking addiction recovery.

Our team has implemented a thorough Coronavirus protocol adapted for drug rehab centers to protect current patients and staff members. These safety protocols also allow us to be ready to accept anyone beginning their addiction treatment recovery journal.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Coronavirus protocol includes such measures as: 

  • We are screening for COVID-19 symptoms before admission into our addiction treatment center.
  • Thorough disinfection and sanitation of all facility grounds, including inpatient residences, therapy rooms, and other rooms regularly.
  • Continous monitoring of staff members to screen for possible symptoms of Coronavirus.
    Simultaneously, requiring any staff member who believes is presenting symptoms of Coronavirus to remain home until proven otherwise.
  • Continued monitoring of all patient’s health and signs of Coronavirus through testing efforts.
  • Deployment of cleaning supplies, face masks, and hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Enforcement of social distancing guidelines in group therapy sessions and any other close contact situation between patients and staff.
coronavirus safety protocols infographic

As the Coronavirus continues to spread in our communities, our efforts remain with our patients and staff members. We’ve seen the devastating effects this pandemic has had on everyone’s mental health state and how fragile those struggling with substance use disorders feel right now. This is why, today more than ever, our commitment remains to offer a safe and protected environment to anyone seeking help for addiction.

Unfortunately, when it comes to substance abuse, holding off on seeking help isn’t an option. When your life is at stake, we do everything in our power to keep you and your loved ones safe. That’s why we’re taking extreme measures to ensure the safety of our rehab facility, so we can keep our doors open to you whenever you’re ready to start your recovery journey.

Brittany Ringersen

CEO, Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Helping Prevent the Spead of COVD-19 In and Out of Drug Rehab

In addition to our Coronavirus safety protocols for drug rehab, we’re also following the CDC’s suggestions on preventing the spread of Coronavirus. To help prevent the spread of the virus in and out of our drug rehab center, we’re encouraging patients and staff members to follow these tips, including:

  • Washing hands regularly with soap and water. 
  • Using hand sanitizer after touching any surfaces. 
  • Avoiding touching the face.
  • Covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, washing the hands immediately after.
  • Maintaining social distancing. 
  • Wearing a mask at all times.
  • Avoiding contact with individuals who are experiencing any symptoms or that may be sick. 
  • Remaining home and isolates if feeling sick.
  • Disinfecting frequently touched items. 

If you or a loved one is fighting with addiction, the time might be now to get professional help. Our Florida drug rehab center continues to remain diligent in our efforts to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 while providing quality addiction treatment. The toll this pandemic has taken on everyone’s mental health is unprecedented. Along with a more controlled environment, our rehab facility offers a safe environment with clinician personnel on staff. We offer extensive options for substance abuse treatment, and we’ll continue to serve our community during these trying times. 

We are here to support you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. Click below to speak to a member of our staff directly.