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About Our Community

Our goal is to engage in a conversation through various types of media. Whether blog posts, successful recovery stories, recovery podcasts, professional videos and social media our mission is to create a compassionate and educational platform for those suffering from addiction and their families. Our media platforms are created to help those in need of support regardless of their physical location.

The web can a unique and useful resource for individuals seeking information about addiction. In recent years’ social media has provided information, comfort and support to millions of people struggling with addiction and their families. With the help of our online community we have been able to assist hundreds of families who’s struggles might have gone by the wayside. We are here for you.

We want to connect you with the help you need.

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Our Press Page

We are proud to be an integrated part of the conversation regarding the addiction treatment industry and the various impacts that addiction is having on communities across the country. Our clinical staff are experts in the work they are performing. View our press page to see how our team is making a difference in various forms by educating those suffering from addiction, trauma and eating disorders in a multitude of ways from a national level to a micro level in certain communities.

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Our Blog

Seeking recovery? In recovery? Love someone in or seeking recovery? This is the community you have been looking for. If you have questions, feeling overwhelmed or do not even know where to begin, you have found the right place. Our goal is to provide you with knowledge on what is going on around the world in regards to addiction, treatment option and trends. Our treatment blog offers guidance to our patients and their families on what to expect from treatment and throughout recovery. Additionally, our goal is to offer insight into how treatment works, different evidenced based treatment modalities and the complexities of various forms of addiction. View our blog page to see what is currently going on in your neighborhood and around the country.

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Expert and Recovery Videos

Families of addicts often are confused at what to expect when a loved one is in need of treatment for their drug or alcohol problem or just what to do. We have developed a platform to get those messages out to you. Our clinical staff has participated in a video series informing patients and their loved ones on various issues treatment will be addressing. We also have Recovery Videos as well! Think you are alone or that there is no hope? These videos are for you. People in recovery have stepped up to speak out to give you hope. You are not alone in your struggle and you are capable of more. View our recovery videos to see just how other people overcame their addiction and just how good their life is today.

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Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information or knowledge intended to present various forms of information quickly and clearly. The intended purpose is to improve recognition of patterns and trends. We are continuing to develop infographics to inform the public about current trends in drug use and other aspects of addiction. Click on our infographics page to learn more.

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Types of Addictions

There are many forms of addiction impacting our communities. We have developed an integrated breakdown of various forms of substances often abused. Addiction is a complex brain disease involving altered functions of the motivation and reward system. Science shows us that more than one substance addiction can occur within the same individual, and that numerous variants of substance addiction can be expressed at the same time. Thus meaning that multiple addictions can be present within the same individual. To learn more about different types of addictions please click here.

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