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Men's Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Long-Term Men’s Addiction Treatment

Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s comprehensive addiction treatment programs do not end upon discharge. Unlike most facilities, we work alongside our patients as they transition from treatment and back into their everyday life. This is the benefit of our long-term men’s addiction treatment and why having the option of doing extended care at our facility provides an additional level of support to the patient and the family. Having more time to address the underlying conditions and to heal will allow for a smooth and successful transition. The key is this: If you do it right you do not have to do it again.

mens long-term addiction treatment
During our discharge planning process, our clinical team will meet frequently with the patient. This is an imperative part of the process, as it helps to identify what are the barriers for the patient and how to overcome them. In these aftercare-planning sessions the therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals assess each man’s individual needs. Together, they develop a long-term addiction treatment plan.

Remember, men’s long-term addiction treatment isn’t only about substance abuse. It addresses recovery from trauma, mental health issues, anger management, relapse triggers and other issues unique to them in their recovery, and general reintegration back into normal life.

Contined Care

Important issues that are addressed in the continuum of care and incorporated into discharge planning process are:

  • Relapse Prevention Techniques and Trigger(s) Awareness
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Medication Monitoring Methods
  • Trauma Monitoring and on-going support
  • Employment opportunities
  • Education opportunities (On a Secondary, Higher, or Post-Graduate Level)
  • Life Skills Training Incorporation
  • Spirituality, Meditation and Mindfulness Development
  • Patient’s Personal Short and Long-Term Goals
Our clinicians work closely and tirelessly with patients to meet these goals. Lighthouse Recovery Institute walks with your family every step of the way to ensure the smoothest transition long-term rehab to life.

Addiction is not a choice!

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Long-term Men’s Addiction Rehab: Outside of South Florida

For those patients planning to return home after the completion of Addiction Treatment, Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers a unique men’s extended care model. This specialized long-term treatment plan includes:

mens long-term addiction treatment
  • Referrals to Men’s Long-Term Addiction Treatment Services
  • Setting up Sober-Living Arrangements
  • Referrals to Private Therapists & Doctors
  • Referrals to Mental Health Professionals
  • Referrals to Addiction Advocacy Groups
  • Referrals to Local Twelve-Step Fellowships
  • Referrals to Recovery Resources
  • Setting up Financial Aid Services (Food Stamps, EBT, Etc.)
  • Lifetime Access to Lighthouse Men’s Long-Term Addiction Treatment Services
These connections and support ensure our patients continual success, regardless of their location. Our purpose is to help your family find the right support necessary, to continue on with all of the hard work you have started here at Lighthouse Recovery Institute. We do not want you to regress after making such huge strides forward. Research proves the longer a person is engaged in some form of clinical programming the better outcomes.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe that consistency is key to recovery. To that end, we strive to place our patients in the best possible positions, both during and after treatment. We also realize and hope you do as well, that treatment is not a cure.

Recovery is a lifetime process and we plan accordingly!