Don’t Even Think About Mixing Ativan and Alcohol

Don’t Even Think About Mixing Ativan and Alcohol

Ativan and Alcohol. What it Does. 

Mixing any kind of substance is never a good idea. Ingestion of multiple drugs and/or alcohol is a leading cause of visits to the emergency room and death caused by overdose. People often overlook prescription drugs thinking they aren’t as harmful as illegal drugs but the truth is they can be just as bad. Ativan and alcohol are a combination that can lead to overdose and other complications. It is extremely important to not mix the two.

Ativan is used to treat anxiety and seizure disorders. It works by suppressing the central nervous system enough to completely relax the person taking it. Side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, and disorientation.

When Ativan and alcohol are combined, the effects magnify incredibly. Alcohol works to increase the effects of Ativan, and can completely impair judgement, rational thinking, and common sense. Doctors advise against drinking any alcohol while taking Ativan, and for good reason.

Blacking Out is Not Fun and Games

Ativan and alcohol combined can cause a person to black out. Blacking out is a term used for drinking so much that a person loses memory of what happened during the time they were drinking. When Ativan is taken while drinking – or before or after – it increases the chances of blacking out exponentially, and that creates a large probability of something bad happening while under the influence.

It has happened thousands of times where people wake up from a night of drinking with no recollection of something irreversible that they did the night before. From sexual liaisons they never would have taken part in, to driving under the influence and causing a wreck or death, blackouts happen and people completely lose control of their actions.

Because of alcohol’s popularity, you may hear people talking about blacking out light it is fun or a necessary part of drinking. There is too much of a chance for something to go wrong, and it can potentially be something that will change your or someone else’s life forever.

The Danger of Overdose

Another pitfall of mixing these substances is that there is a high chance of overdosing. And, there is no specific amount that is known to cause overdose – it all depends on your body, what else you ingested that day and your own chemical composition. Contrary to popular belief, overdose doesn’t only happen after taking too much of a substance. It can also happen when someone takes the wrong combination and creates a chemical reaction that their own body can’t tolerate.

Ativan and alcohol can both cause the nervous system to suppress, which causes slower breathing and heart rate. Combined with drowsiness, it’s easy to see how someone could easily fall asleep, and slowly stop breathing. If they are alone, there is a good chance they may never wake up.

It’s never a good idea to mix drugs, and always heed the prescription pill warnings that tell you not to drink with a medication you are given.

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