New Hampshire’s Addiction Treatment Centers

New Hampshire’s Addiction Treatment Centers

New Hampshire Addiction Treatment Centers

New Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

New Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

New Hampshire is expanding access to drug and alcohol rehab to residents. The only way the United States is going to recover from our collective addiction to painkillers and heroin is through some drastic action. Lighthouse Recovery Institute firmly believes this and stands behind anyone who offers change.

Thus, why we were so excited to read this interview between New Hampshire Public Radio and Tym Rourk. Rourk holds the title of Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery.

In addition to his work on the Governor’s Commission, he does other recovery advocacy work at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. An organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in New Hampshire. As a result, these efforts are helping to expand New Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab options.

Long-term Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program in New Hampshire

Drug Rehabs in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, 1,540 people admitted to state-funded treatment programs for heroin addiction treatment in 2013. Additionally, 1,297 admitted for painkiller addiction treatment.

Two private treatment centers opened their doors this year. That’s in addition to the numerous state-funded programs and privately owned sober living residences. Not to mention the laws New Hampshire has recently passed.

As a result, included is a Good Samaritan law that protects individuals who call police, EMTs, or other first responders and increasing public access to Narcan (naloxone). Like their southern neighbor Massachusetts, New Hampshire has made Narcan widely available to both first responders and substance abuse patients and their families. Long-term residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in New Hampshire are offering addiction treatment options previously unavailable.

Addiction Treatment Costs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire expanding access to drug and alcohol rehab to residents also means making treatment more affordable. Thus, one of the areas that recovery advocates are trying to expand is the scope of Medicaid coverage at treatment centers.

New Hampshire’s version of Medicaid, called the Health Protection Program. It’s currently available to around 40,000 individuals. According to Rourk, the Health Protection Program allowed 1,800 people to attend a treatment center they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. However, its continued funding remains uncertain and is one of the many reasons for New Hampshire’s recent budget predicament.

Additionally, private insurance such as United Healthcare or Cigna does provide coverage for drug and alcohol addiction. Individuals needing detox or inpatient drug rehab should contact their insurance company to verify coverage.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs for Adults in New Hampshire

New Hampshire provides drug rehab centers for adults. These rehabilitation services offer both inpatient and outpatient services. Additionally, addiction treatment programs provide medical detox services. Drug rehabilitation programs offer the best option to support an addicting process and overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Generally, young adults and older adults in New Hampshire struggle with finding the best drug rehab for long-term recovery. Addiction to drugs such as heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, marijuana addiction, alcohol addiction, or illicit drugs has impacted many adults in New Hampshire. Finding the drug or alcohol rehab that is the best option, may require research on behalf of the family of the addict. Some addiction treatment centers will have a variety of program options. Call today for access to quality addiction treatment and confidential assessment.

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