Our Program of Recovery

Our Program of Recovery

One of the Best Rehab Centers in Florida

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Lighthouse Recovery Institute has rapidly become known as one of the best rehab centers in Florida – and we’d like to take a minute to expand upon why. There are quite a few things that set us apart from the rest; from our uniquely developed programs of personalized inpatient treatment to our comprehensive continual aftercare program, we truly pride ourselves on putting the client first. While our treatment program caters to both men and women, we provide gender-specific treatment, keeping the therapeutic sessions separate and disallowing any comingling. Our scientifically-based program offers a host of proven therapeutic methods of recovery, carefully combined with cutting-edge holistic techniques. And unlike most inpatient treatment facilities, we do not simply send our clients on their way once they have graduated from residential. We make sure that our alumni have the ongoing support they need to maintain solid and fulfilled sobriety for years to come.

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Our Inpatient Drug Rehab

Addiction is an all-encompassing disease, one that affects the mind, body, and soul inclusively. For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that all of these areas are adequately addressed over the course of the recovery process. Take a look at what we do for each:

  • The Mind

Our therapeutic program is geared towards healing the mind from the mental devastation of addiction. Our team of licensed therapists works to uncover all underlying causes of addiction (mental illness, trauma, negative self-image, etc.) and address them as necessary. Therapeutic sessions will make up the majority of each day, and will take place predominantly in group sessions, but also in weekly one-on-one sessions (and family therapy sessions when possible).

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  • The Body

We encourage physical rehabilitation just as much as mental and emotional rehabilitation, seeing as drug addiction truly ravages the physical body. We require our clients to participate in regular exercise, and offer informative nutritional counseling to help them make better life choices when it comes to eating and preparing food for themselves. We also encourage our clients to participate in the outdoor activities we set up on the weekends, teaching them to exercise in a fun and creative way.

  • The Soul

The holistic methods of addiction treatment we employ are geared towards healing the soul in a thorough and meaningful way. We offer our clients proven services, such as yoga, guided meditation, and acupuncture.

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Our Comprehensive Aftercare Program

We strongly believe in the benefits of committing to an extended stay at a sober living housing facility after completing inpatient treatment. Sober living allows for a careful transition back into fully independent living, forcing clients to uphold a certain level of accountability that has proven crucial to prolonged sobriety. We are closely affiliated with several highly reputable sober living facilities, and we provide each of our clients with a personalized recommendation upon graduating from our inpatient program. In addition, we have recently begun to offer our alumni continued aftercare by means of a program called MAP Recovery Support. It is no question that the first year of sobriety is one of the most tumultuous and uncertain. Those in their first year are attempting to find their footing in recovery while adjusting to the emotional and mental reality of drug-free living. Support should be uninterrupted, and available to those who need it anytime of the day. MAP offers alumni the opportunity to engage in phone or video-based communication with a trained addiction specialist from anywhere in the world. Many of our past clients also choose to continue with their one-on-one therapist long after graduating from inpatient. We at Lighthouse Recovery Institute believe that recovery is an individualized process – no two programs of addiction recovery are alike. We do all we can to ensure that each and every one of our clients has all of the tools he or she needs to maintain success in sobriety for years to come – and to continue carrying the message that we work so tirelessly to impart.

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