Outpatient Alcohol Rehab At Lighthouse Recovery Institute Proves To Be Beacon Of Hope

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab At Lighthouse Recovery Institute Proves To Be Beacon Of Hope

outpatient alcohol rehab

Florida Outpatient Alcohol RehabIt may seem unlikely or even impossible to those suffering in the depths of addiction, but the numbers are on your side. According to an Aug. 31, 2018 article from The New York Times, “most of those who avoid fatal overdoses recover from addiction.” All told, some 2 million Americans are currently dealing with opiate addictions and the proven way out is, according to the Times, rehabilitation. “… we need to recognize and champion recovery — and the wide variety of forms it can take,” the newspaper reports. This can mean outpatient alcohol rehab, inpatient services and one-on-one meetings to ensure relapse prevention is appropriately addressed. This well-rounded approach is what facilities like Lighthouse Recovery Institute can offer, but it helps to get the “big picture” first.

The road to addiction is one that can quickly spiral out of control. According to those in recovery interviewed for the Times piece, Vicodin from friends turned to scoring pills online to other illegally-obtained or untested drugs then overdoses. While alcohol is rarely obtained through illegal means, the fact that it is marketed so heavily and so readily-available means there are many opportunities for addiction to take hold. Medical professionals say that “moderate” drinking is no more than one or two per day for men and women. For those considering outpatient alcohol rehab, that number is inconceivably low. When these people are ready to stop traveling along their current path, Lighthouse Recovery Institute will be able to offer guidance via specially-designed prevention courses and meetings with clinical teams that can help develop plans for clients on an individual basis.

Entering a facility for outpatient alcohol rehab is the first step. Lighthouse Recovery Institute heavily suggests that those who’ve made the first steps toward ceasing abuse of drugs and alcohol look into a 12-step program. This format is first introduced while undergoing treatment at Lighthouse and understanding the structure and purpose will help the patient during the initial days then weeks and months of sobriety. “Some recover primarily by learning better ways to manage the trauma and mental illness that underlie many addictions,” the Times states. When someone researches outpatient alcohol rehab as a way to address their problematic drinking, they’ll quickly learn that places like Lighthouse are a beacon of hope. Vast amounts of time and resources have been devoted to designing programs that work. The outpatient approach at Lighthouse is one where the aforementioned counseling and specialized treatment programs are put in play as well as anger management and relationship counseling. This well-rounded approach can make all the difference and as data from the Times shows, the statistical likelihood of ceasing use of drugs and alcohol is on your side.

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