‘Pill Mill’ Products Serve As Loud-And-Clear Warning, Lighthouse Recovery Institute Says

‘Pill Mill’ Products Serve As Loud-And-Clear Warning, Lighthouse Recovery Institute Says

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Good intentions occasionally go wrong. When lives are on the line, however, it’s important that we set those wrongs right as soon as possible. According to an Aug. 6, 2018 report from ABC News affiliate WFTS-TV 28, a Florida law “designed to combat addiction” could possibly be causing “a black market of potentially deadly counterfeit pills” to flourish. This is bad news for Floridians dealing with the depths of addiction, as it’s commonplace for heroin users to turn to cheaper options laced with the deadly painkiller fentanyl. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, where compassionate drug addiction treatment is the order of the day, it’s important to get the word out about such illegal activity. That’s because it could save the life of someone who is considering pill mill products to ward off withdrawal sickness.

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According to the ABC article, pill presses that are available online can allow dealers to create pills that resemble over-the-counter pharmaceuticals that aren’t laced with cheap and dangerous drugs. “It had an ‘M’ on top, a ‘30’ on the bottom,” one person interviewed for the article said regarding a pill their friend took and nearly died from. “Her heart was beating really fast, she was driving, and she started having hallucinations,” they said. “It’s killing people. all you need is just granules [of fentanyl] to die.” The take-away from this article is that those struggling with opiate addiction should never use pills purchased on the street and consider drug addiction treatment. There’s no way of telling where they originated from, be it a medical laboratory or drug pusher’s basement.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute wants to reach those who are ready to stop using. Freedom from addiction is well within reach when turning to one of the best drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Florida. The team at Lighthouse can use one-on-one counseling to kick-start the recovery process. These drug addiction treatment sessions will lean heavily on behavioral therapy to get at the heart of the issue while helping the addict develop new processes to cope with life’s hurdles. Relapse prevention training will also be covered, as the graduate of an addiction recovery program must be given the tools to improve upon their lives after leaving a recovery facility. The aftercare groups that Lighthouse runs are a great place for people of similar backgrounds to meet, find mutual support and keep along the road to recovery.

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Nobody starts out with the intention of becoming addicted to opiates. Nobody knows this better than Lighthouse Recovery Institute. Readers who are ready to begin a new chapter in their lives are encouraged to explore treatment options and start living their best life possible.

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