Preparing for Traveling Sober This Summer

Preparing for Traveling Sober This Summer

Sober Traveling

When an addict gets sober after attending our alcohol treatment center they are going to go through a transition period. They will often find that their addiction altered how they looked at the world in every aspect. One of the aspects that come up a lot around this time of year is travel. Addicts typically plan their summer travels around the best bars and the best night life. In order to have a successful traveling experience, it’s important that preparation continues to be a part of the travel experience; it’s just the type of preparation that changes. The preparation process is all about ensuring that an addict puts themselves in situations where they can enjoy themselves without constantly being tempted. Here are some steps to help any addict prepare for a sober and happy travel experience.

Research The Resort or Hotel Ahead of Time – Some hotels and resorts aren’t shy about the fact that they cater to an alcohol-centric atmosphere. A 24/7 ad for the bar is usually a pretty good indication. Some hotels will also greet their guests with a bottle of champagne or place liquor in their rooms. It’s important that alcoholics are forward with the receptionist in saying that they do not want any alcohol in their rooms.

Travel with a Friend or Loved One – The best support system during a vacation is a friend or family member who understands the seriousness of the situation. If they are like-minded and willing to focus on all of the fun activities that can be enjoyed without alcoholic beverages, a recovering addict will be in a much better position to enjoy their experience.

Book Activities in Advance – At our alcohol addiction treatment center, we encourage people to discover new hobbies and ways to keep their thoughts occupied. Whether this is Yoga or hiking or some other type of activity, it’s important to keep busy. One of the best ways to prepare for a sober trip is by planning excursions in advance. Rent a kayak, try zip-lining or skiing, no matter the climate, there’s always something to do!

Keep in Mind That Not Everyone is Focused on You – One of the biggest temptations to utilize alcohol comes from a feeling of not fitting in to a social situation. Alcoholics need to know that not everyone is focused on the fact that they aren’t partaking in drinking. Every individual has a choice and there’s an incredible power that can be found in saying “No.”

If you or someone you care about is recovering from alcohol addiction or needs help on their path to rehabilitation, it’s not too late. Call (866) 308-2090 to learn how our alcohol addiction treatment center can assist in the rehabilitation process.

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