Rediscovering Fun after Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Rediscovering Fun after Alcohol Addiction Treatment

having fun in sobriety

One of the greatest lies an alcoholic tells themselves is that the reason they drink is because they like to have fun. The idea is that the only way to have fun is to consume alcohol whether at parties or just in everyday life. The truth is once a person has developed alcoholism the fun has stopped long ago. A night out with friends for drinks gets replaced by nights spent alone convincing oneself that the drinking is filling the gap left by the people who are no longer willing to spend time with the addict.

Fun After Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While some in alcohol addiction treatment facilities may view fun as an experience that they may or may not get to experience again, the truth is many discover that having fun is a critical part of their recovery. A quiet mind can be a scary place for an addict. In order to avoid relapse, it’s important to find new passions and discover things that can be turned to without fear of triggering cravings to consume alcohol. Recovering addicts will often find that the way they define fun will constantly evolve as they gather new life experiences. What’s essential is the ability and willingness to try new things and find out what works best for the individual.

Activities Like Exercising

One of the most beneficial activities that can turn out to be quite enjoyable is exercising. During alcohol addiction treatment many addicts will be introduced to yoga as part of their rehabilitation program. Yoga provides a great opportunity to calm both the mind in its thoughts and the body through its breath. While yoga may not be for everyone, getting passionate about some form of exercise can be a great relief to an addict. Running is a popular alternative to yoga as is developing a love of weight lifting. Exercising is a great way to start a morning and release endorphins that can help anyone through even the toughest of days.

Having a Positive Attitude

fun in sobrietyThe biggest element to rediscovering fun is having a positive attitude. This may seem a little obvious but the truth is that every recovering alcoholic must be willing to try new things and understand that just because something doesn’t feel like quite the right fit for them; it does not mark the end of the journey. Fun comes in many forms and a willingness to try everything from book reading to collecting to crafting until finding what works for the individual is essential.

If you or someone you care about has a drinking problem and has pushed off rehab due to a fear of no longer having fun, it’s time to realize that fun is truly just an alcohol treatment center away. Only after being free of dependence on alcohol can true joy occur. Call (866) 308-2090 to learn how our inpatient treatment facility can assist in the rehabilitation process.

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