Rehabs in Florida Help Addicts Succeed At Work and Companies Thrive

Rehabs in Florida Help Addicts Succeed At Work and Companies Thrive

rehabs in florida

Companies Excited to Hire Clients from Rehabs in Florida

rehabs in Florida

Rehabs in Florida have been reporting for years increase in work ethic and overall job performance found in their clients. When a man or woman comes to one of the reputable rehabs in Florida, follow all recommendation by the staff and actively engage in a 12-step program, they seem to achieve great heights in the world of business. This drastic change in behavior is linked to the many vocational programs clients are encouraged to attend and to the moral and spiritual guides instilled through the rehabs and the self-help groups.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Lets Alcoholics Get Treatment After Work

Clients who attend outpatient alcohol addiction treatment in rehabs in Florida are fortunate enough to stay involved in a substance abuse program that meets around their work schedule. This another big reason for the success addicts find in the business. Many of the addicts and alcoholics on the job search carry the burden of felony convictions and have resumes that most companies would steer away from. Once the addicts have firmly launched out on a path of recovery they seem to perform very well in interviews and can secure jobs that they normally would not get. If prompted to share the experience that led them to a rehab in Florida or the terms of their past convictions, many disclose their recovering addict status and are met with love, compassion, and employment.

Companies Flourish Hiring clients of Rehabs in Florida

In South Florida where the highest population of recovering addicts and alcoholics work and live, many business professionals seek out addicts and alcoholics for employment. One owner of an advertising agency located in Boca Raton, Florida told us, “I love hiring recovering addicts and alcoholics. Everyone has issues, at least I know what they are and I can tell if they are dealing with them.” This same gentleman has hired 8 recovering addicts from rehabs in Florida in the past 5 years and found that they cause fewer problems, work harder and are more dedicated than his other employees.

Recovering Addict Employment Surge Kept Secret Due to Anonymity

Confidentiality and anonymity, being the cornerstone of the recovering community also prohibits the ability to accurately track how many companies happily employ recovering drug addicts. It is estimated however that one out of every 3 businesses in Delray Beach Florida employs a recovering alcoholic or drug addict. In short, Delray Beach Florida is a better place because recovering addicts work in their community. Another anonymous source estimates that the city of Delray would sink into a depression, seeing many businesses close if it were not for the workforce supplied by rehabs in Florida.

America In Recovery Helps Addicts Find Work

One foundation that has gained national attention by helping recovering addicts and ex-convicts find jobs in America in Recovery. Larry Keast, saw the advantage of hiring “America’s unemployables” when he hired a recovering addict. Keast then began hiring other recovering alcoholics, many with criminal records. He discovered after some time that all his employees, including those without chemical dependency issues, started getting along and taking an interest in each other personally and professionally. This proved to be good for overall morale. After that, Keast began spreading the word among other small business owners and America in Recovery was born.

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