Hit TV Show Shameless Highlights Alcohol Abuse

Hit TV Show Shameless Highlights Alcohol Abuse

Episodes Sheds Light On Alcohol Abuse 

Alcohol abuse is a common occurrence in lots of people. It’s difficult to diagnose or even admit to because alcohol is legal, and there is a certain stigma around drinking too much. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people are suffering, and the sooner there can be an intervention, the better.

In the last season of Shameless, one of the main characters, Lip, talks about his alcohol abuse problem. It’s easy to see the shame he feels about the issue and also the detrimental effect it is having on his health. It’s equally easy to see how his sister feels about the situation: concerned and interested in helping.

In the episode, she voices her concern about alcohol abuse, and that’s something that friends and family members of alcoholics should take note of. When you suspect that someone has an issue with alcohol, the worst thing you can do is keep quiet, because that only allows the problem to grow. Alcoholics are usually in denial about how much they drink and the negative consequences it has. Pointing it out can be the wake-up call they need to call it quits.

Putting the Brakes on Alcohol Abuse Before It’s Too Late

It is a very slippery slope for a person to go from someone who is known as the life of the party to an alcoholic. The line is blurry, and social acceptance of drinking makes it even harder to see things clearly. In reality, women should only have one alcoholic beverage a day, and men two. This is defined as moderate drinking. Anything over that is considered excessive drinking.

Sure, everyone has special events where the alcohol may flow freely. Weddings, birthdays, happy hours… these are all events where one is almost expected to drink. Not that it’s good, but having a little too much once in a blue moon happens. It’s what happens afterward that separates the alcoholics from the non-problem drinkers.

People who aren’t alcoholics will stay far away from alcohol after a night of indulgence. On the other hand, alcoholics will more than likely seek out alcohol the next day, even the next morning, to make themselves feel better and avoid alcohol withdrawal. It’s exactly this kind of craving that indicates a person’s body is getting used to alcohol and needs it in order to feel “normal”.

Abstinence is the Best Solution for Alcohol Abuse

If a person thinks they may be getting addicted to alcohol, abstinence is their best bet. As an alcoholic, it is difficult to truly control the amount of alcohol you drink, and despite efforts to do so, you may find yourself consistently failing.

Alcohol abuse leads to a lot of different health problems, and also can lead to financial and legal problems. It affects a person’s relationships, and can even lead to death. If you suspect you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction, it is important to seek help right away.


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