Sober Grid – The New Social App for Sober People!

Sober Grid – The New Social App for Sober People!

Have You Heard of Sober Grid?

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Well, have you? Chances are yes, as the new app has been making the rounds of newspapers, blogs, and recovery websites.

Oh and did we mention Sober Grid also has an impressive 23,000 plus downloads and a perfect five star rating based in the App Store?

So, what’s this new sensation all about? Well, according to creator Beau Mann, it’s a way for sober people to connect and to share personal updates. When asked by Metro about the specifics of his app, Mann responded, “We didn’t have a app that was location-based to help you connect with sober people.”

He went on to note that a huge number of “niche” apps already exist – why should a sobriety social network app be any different – and that Sober Grid not only helps men and women in recovery meet other sober people, it’s also a way to share sobriety anniversaries and other personal information that may not be appropriate to post on Facebook or Twitter.

Sounds good to me! Read on to learn more about this hot new app and what it allows users to do.

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What’s Sober Grid All About?

So, what exactly does Sober Grid do? Well, the first thing to point out is that it lets users create a profile. You can list your age, description, home, sobriety date, gender, and other personal information. You can also upload a picture.

Even though you have the option of creating a profile, you can also use the app anonymously. This is designed specifically for those who wish to protect their anonymity but still connect with other people in recovery. You can also chat with other users, favorite their profiles, and even block them.

Another feature, which is pretty similar to Facebook, is the Newsfeed. Here users can post status updates, pictures, memes, personal messages, and anything else they want.

There are two unique and defining features of Sober Grid that separate it from other social media though. These are the Need a Ride and Burning Desire function.

Need a Ride is a neat little feature that lets users request a ride from others nearby. It’s useful for those in early-recovery who might not have a license or be stuck in a situation that’s making them want to drink.

The Burning Desire feature is also pretty neat. If someone’s struggling and close to a relapse, they can press the Burning Desire button which then highlights their profile in red. This allows other users to see someone is struggling and reach out to help them.

Kind of cool, right?

Sober Grid’s website describes the app in the following way,

Sober Grid users have the ability to reach out to the community for support at any time the need arises. Sober Grid makes it easy to reach out to the sober community. If in need, a user can select the “Burning Desire” button to let other sober people know they need help. This feature also provides an opportunity for those who want to connect with and help others who may be having a difficult time.

The sober community thrives on having a safe and supportive environment. Sober Grid provides a platform for this community online. The app allows one user to connect with and help another instantly from nearby or at any distance.

It’s worth noting here that although the app is free to download, users can choose to pay for “premium.” It costs $39.99 a month, which is a bit steep, but offers the ability to post more photos to your profile and enter something called stealth mode.

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What People are Saying

Like we mentioned above, Sober Grid has a perfect 5 star rating on the App Store. It boasts over 23,000 downloads and a large Facebook following. So, generally speaking, people seem to love the app.

Still, there’s been some backlash that it’s nothing more than a sober dating and hook-up app. In fact, one of the main screens looks suspiciously similar to an online dating site – with users’ profiles laid out in a never ending scroll.

In a recent New York Times profile of Sober Grib, the following point was made,

The photos of potential friends can make Sober Grid seem like a dating app for teetotalers, an impression Mr. Mann would like to discourage. He hopes it will appeal to a broader group.

“There’s lots of sober people that are married, and if it’s a dating app, they won’t be able to go on there and get the support that they need,” he said.

I haven’t personally used Sober Grid, so I can’t speak to what it’s like on the app. Still, it’s a good sign that the founder is actively discouraging users from looking at it as a way to hook-up with others in sobriety.

using apps to help in early recovery

Over at popular recovery site The Fix, users are raving about Sober Grid. They’re saying,

“I really enjoy Sober Grid … The burning desire and need a ride options are brilliant. It’s perfect for those 2am crises, as well as general travel … This is the latest and greatest tool in staying stopped. Definitely worth checking out!” -Frankilicious

“this is awesome, a sober facebook” -Ryan J.

“Fellowshipping has never been so easy.” -D0W3

“This app allows me to stick with you all, and if you’re sober today you are a winner.” –Noah

So, the overall opinion about Sober Grid is positive. Check it out and let us know what you think on social media!

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