How To Stay Sober In A Hurricane!

How To Stay Sober In A Hurricane!

In just minutes Hurricane Mathew will strike South Florida and it has the potential to be absolutely catastrophic. To make matters worse the people I love the most the addicts and alcoholics in recovery could be without power and will have no way of getting to a substance abuse recovery meeting for what could be days. This could making in challenging for them to stay sober.

So here are 5 things you can do to stay sober during a hurricane.

5. Listen to a Recovery Podcast During a Hurricane.

Recovery Insider has many podcasts that you can download to your phone or stream to your mobile devices. Many of these are full meetings recorded for time like this when making it to a meeting is impossible. Now yes this is contingent upon having power so download now.

4. Set up a Recovery Phone tree.

By setting up a recovery phone you can make a list of 5 people to call to discuss where you are at in your recovery. These 5 people will then call 5 more people and the list goes on. Try to keep the conversations centered on problems and solutions related to recovery. Do Not talk too much about the storm.  These conversations should be all about recovery and will keep you further from a drink.

3. Make a Gratitude list, a Long one.

Hurricane Mathew is about to drop hell upon you. There is no better time to make a list of the things you are grateful for. Now is the time to remind yourself that except for these next few hours your life away from heroin and crack is pretty great! Make sure your gratitude list is long and comprehensive. Just making a list of the people you are grateful for will help fill it out. List everything you love. This will raise your spirits and help you through the hardest parts of the storm.

2. Read The Big Book or other recovery literature.

Now is the time to go back to basics. Reading the big book or other recovery literature suck as Drop the Rock or Living sober will help you out just as much as a meeting. After all the big book is actually a meeting in print. Start at the beginning and start reading. You may be surprised at just how much the distraction of reading the book will help. Reading recovery literature will get your mind off the cows flying around out side and back on the most important thing, staying sober.

1. Pray

If you have never done it before now is the time to start. It does not have to be anything specific, just have a conversation with God; she’s the reason you’re in this situation in the first place. Pray for your loved ones to be safe. Pray for your favorite recovery-meeting house to come out of the hurricane unharmed and, most importantly, pray for God to help you stay sober today.

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