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These are Some Seriously Strange Cocaine Ads


Your eyes aren’t lying – we’re actually talking about cocaine ads.

The ‘70s and ‘80s were a weird couple of decades. We had Presidents in the White House who were telling us to Just Say No. At the same time, cocaine was the most popular drug on the planet.

Drug cartels were raking in millions of dollars each week producing and transporting cocaine from South America to Miami. Drug dealers in the US were making almost as much selling coke to, well, everyone.

Our country was in the midst of a love affair with cocaine. These vintage cocaine and cocaine accessory ads make that much abundantly clear.

[BLUECTA title=”Addiction is not a choice!”]866-205-3108[/BLUECTA]

Find the old school – and pretty shocking – ads below!

cocaine snorter ad
via AdWeek


weird drug ads from 70s and 80s
via AdWeek


gold razorblade for snorting drugs
via Death and Taxes


cocaine ads from 70s and 80s
via AdWeek


old cocaine advertisments
via AdWeek


fake cocaine
Fake coke via Death and Taxes

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