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Avoid These 5 Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Costumes Recovering Alcoholics Should Not Wear For Halloween

By: Tim Myers

Practicing These Principles in ALL Our Affairs

a sexy and inappropriate Halloween costume

Whether you love Halloween or hate it, this year promises to be the most annoying in a long time, because this year Halloween’s on a Friday.

That means just about everyone is going to throw together some ridiculous outfit and claim to be creative or sexy.

Someone’s going to dress up as Dexter and think they’re the first. You’re not buddy. You just Googled “cool Halloween costumes” like the other four Dexter’s at the party.

Some girl is going to show up as a “sexy librarian.” I promise you she’ll say these two things –

“Guess what I am? I’m a sexy librarian” and “I only dress like this on Halloween.” A) It’s “promiscuous librarian,” not sexy librarian B) I saw you dressed like that last month. It was a Tuesday in September… what’s your excuse for that?

Listen, getting a little weird and showing a little skin on Halloween is no big deal… unless you’re in recovery. Then you need to think about this a little bit.

We’re supposed to be practicing these principles in all our affairs. We need to exhibit actions and behaviors that attract people to our way of life. That’s the best way to carry the message.

Too often, at Halloween, we abandon our spiritual beliefs and moral character. So, for those of you wishing to remain spiritually fit this Halloween, here some outfits to avoid.

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The Top 5 Things Recovering Alcoholics Should Not Dress as For Halloween

5) Ray Rice

Did you watch the video on TMZ? There’s nothing funny at all about what happened in that elevator. Anyone who dresses as Ray Rice for Halloween is simply watering down and making a joke of domestic violenceRay-Rice-Costume

For a person in recovery, dressing as Ray Rice would be causing harm. I’m sure you’re surrounded by people everyday in meetings who suffered at the backhand of domestic violence.

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4) Addicts Who’ve Passed Away

Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston…don’t dress like them. My life was spared countless times during my addiction. I should be dead. I don’t know why I’m alive and Robin Williams is dead.



3) Alcohol

Oh my gosh, you’re an alcoholic and you came dressed as alcohol? You’re so funny! How did you ever think of that? Seriously, it almost killed you and ruined the lives of pretty much everyone who knew you.

alcohol and cigarettes father son costume

Sooooo, let’s not celebrate what almost killed you.

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2) Jesus

Okay, this one is a little funny. Still, if you’re supposed to be a spiritual person who says the Lord’s Prayer at the end of every meeting, you probably shouldn’t dress up as THE LORD.


Plus, this could offend people who would later turn to you for spiritual advice or guidance. No one calls the guy who dressed as Jesus to be their sponsor.


1) Sexy (Fill in the Blank)

If you’re person in recovery, it’s inappropriate, classless, and spiritually unfit to dress extremely promiscuous on Halloween.

sexy halloween costume

This isn’t aimed at just women, either. Men show up shirtless and wearing thongs. Women leave almost everything exposed. Just because you put the word sexy in front of nun, fireman, mailman, or Elmo doesn’t make it right.

We’re supposed to be upstanding, respectable citizens, who live their lives by a code of morals and ethics. By promoting sex and our bodies on Halloween, we fall very short of this promise. Drawing attention to yourself, in a sexual way, on any day of the week is NOT something a person in real recovery would do. Period.

Oh, the places you’ll go…in active addiction!

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