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A Wrongful Field Drug Test Could Ruin Your Life

A Field Drug Test Gone Wrong field drug test lighthouse

A field drug test is something that cops keep on them to test substances found in people’s vehicles or in their possession. A crumb found on the floor in your car, or powder in your pocket – any of that can be tested with a quick dip into one of these kits. On more than one occasion, these tests have gone wrong – indicating an illegal substance when none was present. This simple mistake has ruined lives.

In Amy Albritton’s case, she was on the road in Houston with her boyfriend at the time when they were pulled over by the cops. The officers suspected that drugs were in the car, and tested a white crumb on her floor. The field test indicated that the crumb was crack cocaine. Because the car belonged to Albritton, she ended up being charged as a felon.

False Positive Field Drug Test Means a Felony Charge

Albritton spent 21 days in jail, lost her job, and lost her apartment. It took years for her to rebuild her life, all with a felony conviction hanging over her head. She was turned away from job opportunities and places to live, all because of her record. She never disputed tfield drug test he cops because she thought the chemical evidence was there, in the test, and she also hadn’t known her boyfriend for very long at the time. She thought maybe he had something to do with the drugs in the car.

Years later, in 2014, Albritton got a letter in the mail telling her she was wrongfully convicted. They had re-tested her sample and it was negative – likely just a piece of food or lint that had made its way onto the floor of her car. In that district attorney’s office alone, 251 cases of incorrect evidence were found between 2004 and 2015 – all people who were named guilty but were actually innocent.

Wrongful Field Drug Tests Are Not Unusual

There are so many cases like hers that deserve more attention. Being labeled a felon has serious consequences that can affect a person’s work life, where they live, and how they are viewed by society. Additionally, it isn’t easy to reverse a wrongful felony conviction. Even after it is overturned, the reversal needs to be finalized by a trial court. And then, once the charge is cleared, in today’s digital world, the felony is shared with hundreds – if not thousands – of websites.

It’s an ordeal to get rid of, but better to finally prove your innocence than spending the rest of your life with the wrongful charge hanging over your head.


Debunking Common Myths about Crack & Cocaine

The Truth about Cocaine & Crack

how long does cocaine stay in your system

There are a lot of urban legends and myths surrounding cocaine and crack. This could be due to the strong backlash born from the 1980’s crack epidemic. It could be due to popularity of powder cocaine. After all, the more people abusing a certain drug, the more myths there are that surround the drug.

Regardless of how they came to be, these myths have persistently stuck around for years. That changes today. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is here to put an end to many of the common urban legends about powder and crack cocaine.

We’ll look at the dangers involved in smoking cocaine, how long cocaine stays in users’ systems, and how long crack stays in users’ systems. Without further ado, let’s look at just how dangerous smoking cocaine really is.

How Dangerous is Smoking Cocaine?

When we talk about smoking cocaine, we’re talking about smoking crack. There are some differences between the two (think freebasing vs. “normal” crack smoking), but for all intents and purposes they’re just about the same.

So, how dangerous is it to smoke cocaine? Pretty dangerous! Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant and increases heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

When sniffed, cocaine reaches peak physical effects in a matter of minutes. When injected, it takes about thirty seconds. When smoked, however, cocaine hits the body in under ten seconds.

This makes smoking cocaine incredibly dangerous. The central nervous system is immediately flooded with cocaine molecules and then brought down minutes later. This ping-pong effect is damaging to the heart, liver, and pretty much all major organs.

Having looked at the dangers of smoking cocaine, let’s turn our attention to how long cocaine stays in your system.

Are cocaine and crack withdrawal real? The answer will surprise you

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

This is one of the most common questions we’ve come across in the world of white powder. How long does cocaine stay in your system? Well, there’s not a simple answer. It all depends on the individual abusing cocaine.

How long cocaine stays in your system is dependent on a few factors. First, how often are you using? An everyday user will have cocaine metabolites in their body for longer than a periodic user.

Things like weight, metabolism, levels of physical activity, and intake of other drugs all effect how long cocaine stays in your system. Generally speaking, cocaine will be metabolized and leave the body within twenty-four hours. A daily user, though, can have traces of cocaine in their system for as long as three days.

Another question to consider is how long crack stays in the system. After all, we established above that smoking cocaine is significantly different than sniffing it.

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How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System?

Well, how long does crack stay in your system? While this may seem like a dumb question (crack stays in your system for as long as cocaine!), there’s more than meets the eye.

Crack stays in users systems for varying lengths of time. It can be detected in drug screens anywhere from minutes after use to a few days. The longer someone smokes cocaine for, the longer metabolites will appear in their urine, hair, etc.

While crack itself is cocaine mixed with baking soda, the cocaine used to make it is often filled with other chemicals. These filler chemicals impact how long crack stays in your system. Lidocaine and other substances will, generally speaking, decrease the amount of time both powder cocaine and crack are detectable for.

That’s the lowdown on smoking cocaine and how long crack and cocaine stay in your system. If you have any questions about cocaine abuse, or are interesting in any information not otherwise covered here, give Lighthouse a call today!

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