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Inhalant Addiction: True Facts and Statistics About a Deadly Drug Trend

Written By: Fiona Stockard

Inhalant Addiction Facts and Statistics

inhalant addiction facts

Inhalant addiction is a major adolescent health concern! Every household has many cleaning products and other chemicals that can be used as inhalants. Because of their availability, inhalants are one of the most frequently abused drugs by adolescents and young adults.

So, how can we make sense of inhalant addiction facts? How can we make sense of inhalant addiction statistics? Which inhalant addiction facts even matter?

Learn the truth behind all those statistics and facts about inhalant addiction!

What are the deadly long-term effects of inhalants?

Inhalant Addiction Facts

Find seven inhalant addiction facts below:

• There are over 1,400 different products that are abused as inhalants.

• In 2007, inhalants were the most frequently abused substance of adolescents ages twelve to thirteen.

• Inhalants can kill users every time they’re used. This is due to Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome, or SSDS.

• In addition to SSDS, the medical consequences of inhalant abuse include: asphyxiation, seizure, and falling into a coma.

• It’s difficult to obtain inhalant addiction death statistics, so the true scope of inhalant addiction isn’t know.

• Inhalant addiction cause serious long-term health issues, including: bone marrow depletion, vision loss, reproductive issues, kidney damage, liver damage, and brain damage.

• The third week in March is the National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week. The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition (NIPC) sponsors this week.

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Inhalant Addiction Statistics

Find five inhalant addiction statistics below:

• In 2006, the US National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported just over one million adolescents had abused inhalants that year.

• By the time students reach eighth grade, 20% will have abused inhalants.

• Also by the time students reach eighth grade, over half know someone who’s addicted to inhalants.

• For a four-year stretch, 2002 to 2006, approximately 593,000 adolescents admitted to engaging in inhalant abuse each year.

• In 2006, inhalant abuse sent 5,643 people to the ER.

What Do These Inhalant Addiction Facts and Statistics Mean For You?

The above statistics and facts about inhalant addiction make clear a few trends.

First, inhalant abuse and addiction are serious business! They damage the body in more ways than any illicit drug. Inhalant abusers risk death each time they huff! Add into this mix the fact that most inhalant abuse occurs by adolescents whose bodies are still developing. Yeah, something needs to be done and quick!

The second thing these statistics and facts about inhalant addiction illuminate is that we don’t know the true scope of inhalant addiction. Remember, many complications that occur because of inhalant abuse aren’t reported as such. This is due to a few factors, not least of which is teenagers being afraid to report the truth.

This brings us to the third point made clear by the above facts about inhalant addiction. There needs to be more ACCURATE information regarding the effects and dangers of inhalants. That means no corny, after-school special type information, but rather hard facts about inhalant addiction.

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