How Do You Tell a Loved One You’re an Addict?

How Do You Tell a Loved One You’re an Addict?

A life of addiction is often a life of isolation. Addicts will typically try to keep their addiction a secret from the ones they care about the most. Often, the first step towards recovery is admitting that there is indeed a problem and that help is required.  Feelings of dread can overcome a person when they think about the shame that will come from admitting they have a problem with addiction. The best way to muster the courage to talk to a loved one about addiction is to prepare. Today, we have put together a few different steps any addict can take to prepare for such an important, difficult conversation. If you struggle from addiction, our addiction treatment center can help. 

Tips for Telling a Loved One You’re an Addict

 #1. Find the Right Moment Quickly There really isn’t time to wait for help when you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, there is something to be said for finding the right time to talk to a loved one about addiction. Choose a location where you know a loved one will feel comfortable and you will be heard clearly. Know that reactions can range from loving and supportive to sadness and anger. However, no matter the reaction, open communication is the first step on the path to recovery. 

 #2 Know Your Facts – It’s always a good idea to come prepared to the conversation with facts on addiction. Explaining that addiction is a disease and the path to recovery can be long and bumpy is important. Come prepared with their research on our inpatient addiction treatment center, so the family member or loved one understands just how serious you are about getting better. 

 #3 Be Honest – It’s important that a decision is made to be honest and forthcoming with all the facts about your struggles. Whether an addiction stemmed from peer pressure, anxiety, depression or you truly don’t know what caused the addiction, be open and honest. Showing that you are committed to getting better will often soften any anger or sadness that your audience felt at first. 

Admitting a problem with addiction to a loved one will take a weight off your shoulders – regardless of how they react. There’s great power in owning the issue and taking responsibility for your actions.  True friends and loved ones will offer their support and be the support system that is needed long after you walk out the doors of our drug addiction treatment center. 

Our drug addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless individuals rehabilitate themselves. Our addiction professionals are available to help and can be reached today at 1-866-308-2090. 

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