Can the Obsession To Drink and Drug Really Be Removed?

Can the Obsession To Drink and Drug Really Be Removed?

The Obsession to Drink and Drug

the obsession to drink and drug

An overwhelming obsession with drugs or alcohol is one of the trademarks of the disease of addiction. This obsession is hard to describe to non-addicts because it persists, and even grows, regardless of any negative consequences. Lost jobs, ruined relationships, destroyed minds and bodies – none of those things lessen the single-minded obsession to get the next high. Even us addicts struggle to explain why and how, after totally destroying ourselves, we still seek drugs.

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An obsession is all encompassing. It overwhelms ALL thoughts and takes control of the mind. Obsessions go far beyond normal interests or passions. They’re dangerous because they cause “normal” people to do things they never imagined they could.

Nowhere is this more painfully apparent than in addiction. Every thought, every breath, every waking moment is dedicated to getting the next drug, doing the drug, and figuring out how to get the one after that.

The cycle is vicious. It gets worse and worse and is baffling for everyone involved. It sounds hopeless and, without some sort of intervening force, it is.

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How Does the Obsession Get Removed!?

The obsession with the next drug can keep addicts suffering for a long, long time. Even early in treatment, the idea that this obsession can be removed seems so foreign, so far off, that addicts simply can’t believe it.

For addicts and alcoholics, there aren’t a ton of options. We can always continue getting high until we’re put in a hospital, or psych ward, or the ground. We can also seek some form of treatment.

The problem with treatment is that without faith things may improve (also known as the pretty little word “hope”), or the willingness to believe in something outside of ourselves, there’s little anyone can do to help us addicts. That’s why it’s so vital for addicts in treatment to hear over and over (and over and over!) that the obsession does go away.

The obsession to use drugs isn’t removed by thinking it away, or figuring out why it’s there in the first place, but rather by moving forward, one day at a time, with the guidance and support of other addicts. It almost sounds too simple, but the obsession to drink or do drugs can ALWAYS be lifted.

The seriousness of addiction isn’t to be trifled with. It takes lives, it destroys families, it drains bank accounts, and it wrecks friendships. However, for the addict willing to change, the miracles seem to be without end!

The first step is always admitting there’s something wrong and accepting the help that change requires. Addicts and alcoholics can rest easy knowing that although change is painful, it’s worth it and life gets so much better.

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