‘Tough Love’ No Substitute For Drug Treatment Programs Given Fatal Prison Overdoses

‘Tough Love’ No Substitute For Drug Treatment Programs Given Fatal Prison Overdoses

tough love in addiction treatment

The halls of Florida’s correctional facilities are apparently filled with inmates tempting death due to drug overdoses. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Florida’s budget for the state corrections program fell short and first on the chopping block was transition programs – including drug rehabilitation. These two topics should be of interest to anyone researching drug treatment programs as jail is a very real risk that users run. A single car stop by police or other wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time scenario could land the addict behind bars. If Florida nixes an arguably life-saving service that keeps ex-inmates out of jail and off of drugs, it may leave more grieving families wondering what else they could have done to help a loved one.


tough love in drug rehabAccording to an Aug. 21, 2018 article from the Miami Herald, the synthetic marijuana known as “K2” or “spice” is killing inmates. Per figures provided to the newspaper by the state’s prison system, it’s likely that more than 500 people will die behind bars due to drug overdoses. “Unlike its natural counterpart, synthetic marijuana can cause aggressive behavior, hallucinations, heart attacks, seizures,” the article states. “In prison, [synthetic marijuana] often contains traces of roach spray and rat poison.” Onto the next problem: Inmates on their way out of incarceration being provided with transition assistance. According to a July 2018 article from WUSF Public Media, state cuts to Florida’s department of corrections budget meant certain programs – including substance abuse help – had to be trimmed back. “Due to the cuts, many inmates in the middle of their programming — like learning different trades, saving money, and getting drug treatment — had to be bussed back to the prisons,” the article adds.


If you think so-called “tough love” is going to force your loved one to get clean while serving a short stint in the local jail, think again. You owe it to your sibling, parent, aunt, uncle or friend to find them drug treatment programs that really work. This will require research, but the hallmarks of effective drug treatment programs will target triggers for using and ways to keep drugs away from someone who is in recovery. Through group therapy, counseling, relapse prevention and sober life skills, the person who has decided to stop taking drugs will receive a wide spectrum of treatment. More importantly, they’ll be working with professionals who want to see this man or woman transition back to a healthy individual who is ready, willing and able to get back to their life.

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