Treating Various Types of Addiction Differently

Treating Various Types of Addiction Differently

types of addictionMany people have the wrong impression that types of addiction are all treated the same, and rehab is a one-track deal. Different addictions vary as much as the addicts themselves. Every case is unique, and a good treatment facility will take into account the type of addiction as well as the person’s individual medical, addiction, and mental background.

Types of Addiction Vary Immensely

When a client arrives at rehab, they go through a rigorous medical exam. They are also put through a mental evaluation, and detailed drug and toxin screening. All of this is done to establish the person’s unique baseline when they arrive at rehab. Every single case is completely different because there are a number of factors that come into play to determine the best treatment track for an addict.

There are so many factors that can establish the best way to treat an addict. There are co-occurring addictions and mood disorders, and people can have underlying medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes. Because of all these moving pieces, truly no two clients are the same.

Types of Addicts

Not only do addictions vary, but the kinds of addicts that come to rehab vary immensely as well. The biggest differentiator is the people who genuinely want to be there, vs the ones who do not. It’s an unfortunate truth that not everyone is ready to get help and the people who are at facilities and don’t want help are taking beds away from the people who need it most. The people who don’t want help usually end up relapsing as soon as they leave treatment if they even make it through at all.

Otherwise, a number of factors can differentiate addicts, such as:

  • Length of Addiction
  • Substance Used
  • Underlying Health Issues
  • Co-Occurring Mental Disorders
  • Past Trauma and Circumstances

Detoxing from Different Addictions

Just as no two addicts are alike, the amount of drugs or alcohol they ingested varies greatly. The detox experience is never usually pleasant, but symptoms can vary from mild to so severe that they can be life threatening. The types of addiction play a big part in what detox is like.

One wouldn’t think it, but detoxing from alcohol can be one of the most significant and dangerous detoxes from all substances. Alcohol withdrawal can produce the most serious kind of withdrawal called Delerium Tremens. DT is a medical emergency and requires medical attention. It can include hallucination, seizures, loss of consciousness and death. Surprisingly, withdrawing from prescription medication like Xanax can produce a similar effect.

While different treatment is required it will be dependent on each person’s unique case if they use medication as an intervention for potential medical discomfort or complicatiotypes of addictionn. Most of the time, detox is not life threatening, but extreme discomfort is likely to make a person want to relapse.

Treating Types of Addictions

After detox, once a patient has been stabilized, treatment begins. Just like detox, different needs will arise during treatment, and each case is handled as a unique one. The way a patient is treated will depend on all of the bulletted factors above, and more. Treatment is fluid, with nothing set in stone so that treatment is always adapting the the progress of the client.


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